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  1. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Just a quick overdue update. Not a whole lot of changes, I'm getting ready to move in the comming months so i'm not adding a whole lot of livestock if any at this point. Switched the fuge light to LED's(i think i'm addicted) and those are growing the chaeto like a weed 24hrs a day. Just to prove how new i am to SPS, I finally had the thought that the reason half of my sunset monti was just skeleton. MONTI EATING NUDIBRANCHS. So I pulled it out of the tank today and got rid of all the adults that've been munching on it for the past month or so. Also found out that the birdsnest i picked up at reefstock is a Tubbs Purple Polyp Green Birdsnest, and it's starting to show some really nice color.
  2. FS: Chaeto

    Sorry guys, outta the loop for the last week, now $15 shipped insulated priority.
  3. acrylic v. glass

    From my experiences, clearer is easier to scratch. Acrylic is the clearest, but scratches the easiest. Starphire/Optiwhite glass also has fantastic clarity, but with little to no iron, is more prone to scratching than regular glass. Typical glass is the least clear but is the hardest to scratch. Personally, i will never buy an acrylic tank, i'm just too clumsy to not scratch it. After getting my first ADA tank, i don't think i'll ever go back to regular glass on a display tank. For your application, i would go with regular glass, it's thin enough that you won't notice much of difference. However, i think my favorite thing about my ADA is looking down the length of glass(12") and still being able to recognize the color on the other side, so you don't have the green border on the sides of the front glass. Good luck!
  4. Silent filterpump

    Check out the eheim compact series, the reviews say they're powerful and very quiet. I'm hoping to get one to replace my Rio very soon.
  5. Fuge light question?

    3 single diodes, like this: http://www.rapidled.com/cree-xp-g-r5-cool-white-led/
  6. FS: Chaeto

    LPC-35-700, I also run them 24/7.
  7. Fuge light question?

    Sorry to hear about your rogue snail, hope there wasn't too much water damage! If you haven't already, put some plastic canvas or other mesh in your overflow box to keep them out. As for a fuge light, I recently switched my 25w macro-glo over to 3 Cree LED's and couldn't be happier. I used a 2:1 cool/neutral white ratio with 80 degree lenses 12 inches above my fuge. It never grew that much under the flourescent, but it now doubles in size weekly running 24/7. It's turned into a pod paradise. Just another idea for you to consider!
  8. FS: Chaeto

    2 cool whites, 1 neutral white Cree LED's 80 degree lenses 12 inches above fuge. Driving them at 700ma. I'm blown away at the growth. The chaeto doubles in size weekly. Planning to use something similar on my next tank, a 60-f riparium/wabi-kusa tank!
  9. FS: Chaeto

    Chaeto's taking off under my new fuge LED's. Need to thin it out. $15 for a huge, dense, ball, and all the pods with it! PM if interested
  10. How old are you?

    16, FW for 4, SW for 1.
  11. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Post #42
  12. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Have a cover on the tank. Mine jumped this morning.
  13. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Couple pics from today, promise i'll get a better pick of the shrimp/goby pair soon.
  14. Maxi mini lighting/feeding

    Yes it should be fine, carpet nems are really quite hardy. just place it where you like and let it move to where it's comfortable.
  15. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Yes, the return line does have a check valve. To accommodate both the ball and check valve, I ended up having the check valve behind the sump, that's why you can't see it. You can see however, the 1/2 tubing that runs from the return pump, to the check valve. But you're right, it would be a disaster waiting to happen if I didn't have a check valve.