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  1. "Deep Dimming" LED drivers?

    Yep! It is one of my favorites because of the cost/performance when running low voltage. To me it makes way more sense to hang 12vdc over salt than 120vac like most folks do when they mount a driver on a heatsink. Using this driver in a 12vdc config running 3 LEDs, several can be setup running from a 12vdc buss. That way you can have an inexpensive 12v power supply and one cable going to the fixture. Then the controller can also be mounted in the fixture and run the PWM for the drivers. The only disadvantage for the average DIY'er is that the AL8805 is only found in a suface mount package. But there are breakout boards available so it can be used with standard .10" perfboard. Lingwendil, the chips can be found at almost any supplier, Digikey, Newark, Mouser, etc.
  2. "Deep Dimming" LED drivers?

    Here is a schematic and the corresponding board that I made for some nano tanks. It is very simple and inexpensive. It runs off of 12vdc and has a separate PWM (Or could be analog) input. At 12 volts it will run any combination of 3w LEDs at 700ma. Higher or lower current can be adjusted by choosing different resistors. More than 3 LEDs (up to 8) can be used with higher input voltages (up to 36v). This driver is about 93% efficient at 12v. I have dimmed this circuit to .09% with 10 bit PWM. It is fully off at 0% duty cycle.
  3. "Deep Dimming" LED drivers?

    It is still a crappy design. I have made several drivers, both analog and digital. All of them can dim to zero. And, I am not an electronics engineer. And, each one cost less than $15.
  4. "Deep Dimming" LED drivers?

    Well, i could possibly see that for analog dimming but not for PWM dimming. Even for analog dimming you could add a 40 cent op amp comparator circuit to shut down the voltage when it reaches a certain threshold. But the Inventronics drivers go to 92% when the controller drops to 1v. PWM drivers should never show any flickering if the PWM signal (and driver circuit) are above 100 or so Hz. So even if you dropped the duty cycle to .01% There should be no flicker or color change (just really dim).
  5. Algae Turf Scrubber (ATS) LED Cannon build - MakersLED (PICS!)

    Pretty cool, I will put together a fuge light today with a 660nm and royal blue mix. Although I currently use cool white and get good growth I am interested to see how this mix works. I know it works great for higher plants (pot growers use this all the time).
  6. "Deep Dimming" LED drivers?

    I know this is reviving an old topic but it requires clarifying for people that are researching drivers. 1) The Inventronics drivers will NOT dim to 0% with ANY controller unless the controller has a method of cutting power. 2) The Meanwell drivers will dim to 0% but below 10% they will just shut off. 3) Whether a driver is a Buck or Boost has no effect on its ability to dim to 0%. Buck or Boost just signifies how the driver manges DC current. I think the Inventronics driver is a pretty silly architecture. Why on earth would you mak a dimmable driver that cannot dim to zero without having to cut power?
  7. LED layout for a 20 Long

    Hello, I see you are using one of my original sketches. It had several bugs. Unfortunately I didn't document them but when you find bugs (and you will), let me know what they are and it should jog my memory and I can tell you what to fix. Also, if you have any questions about the sketch I can help you out. Since you are building everything, consider building your driver from scratch as well. That way you have complete control over the LEDs. I can also help you design a driver circuit. Don't forget to post pics! Robert
  8. makersLED Fuge Light Build

    Hey Deckoz, Can you please point me to any links or scientific info that proves this? I am having trouble finding anything that proves corals need 660nm. I only see that in higher plants. From what I understand red light filters out in the ocean after a few meters. Thanks, Robert
  9. LED Lights

    This is the best LED reftrofit available for the BC29.
  10. Used LED Fixtures

    These boards could easily fit into most nano hoods. They meaure 12"x6" and they are about 1" tall.
  11. Used LED Fixtures

    First link has been fixed. I have one over a 29G BioCube and grow SPS (and bleach some near the top). =So a 34g would be great. I am not certain about the wattage because there is a few different LEDs in each. Besides, wattage is not a good indicator of usable light. I compare these units with AI SOL all of time but these are better because you can change LEDs or service the unit with a philips screwdriver. No soldering required.
  12. Used LED Fixtures

    I am selling 2-24 LED light engines that were on some experimental frag tanks. Here is a link to the new ones just like them. They were used about 6 months. 24 LEDs with remote controls. These boards are mounted inside hanging fixtures like the ones seen HERE . They are LEDs so lifespan is not an issue and they are still covered by full warranty. $250 each
  13. Like Jedimaster stated, you can hook up the LEDs and there should be no issue. Also, as he stated the Cree Red is at the lower end of the red spectrum, It probably won't do any harm (or good). You really should get a Deep Red (660nm) from Philips or Osram.
  14. used 24 LED light engine boards

    Used 6 months over our frag tank. One to one ratio rb to cw. Comes with remote controller. Will also include hanging kits. Each normally $456 value just $250 each. These are the most versatile and configurable light enginw boards available. www.modaquatics.com
  15. Timing a light change?

    You should be fine. However, watch your LPS and softies the first week or so and if you notice any color fading, decrease your photo period or dim the LEDs 40 percent until the color comes back. Then increase it 10 percent at a time until you find the best coloration.