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  1. Amphiprion Ocellaris breaking the surface
  2. R.I.P - a member of my fish tank, one antillean hermit crab (pointing both my elbows at him) got fed up of his sulking and tore him apart... pure sulky/mr blue legs, he'll be sorely missed as a much valued member of my CUC
  3. green hairy mushroom munching some squid
  4. Have you got him/her to host with it? I'm thinking of getting some for my tank, would be cool if my clowns hosted with it.
  5. Look at his eyes! He's in such a cream puff.
  6. My LFS has a massive elegance hosting two clowns. Been there for years and years and the elegance has split three times. The only thing is, is that my LFS think it's a sea anenome...