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  1. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    I have started selling off lots of my live rock! the big GSP colony is away and one piece with some palythoas, xenia and red macro algae is leaving on friday! (unfortunately the live rock is only available to British based reefers due to location). Have lots more available as well. Will need to get myself a big bucket and start cycling some nice rock now! possibly ceramic so I don't get any unwanted critters or algae.
  2. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    Thanks a lot! yeh I've just had my first set of exams out the way so hopefully all went well! (I put a ton of effort into them). The orange plate is my favourite thing in the whole tank and it needs more room! which is one of the ideas behind simplifying and giving it a bit more room (and possibly a friend?). The clowns will stay! I'd love some different fish but I also really really love my two clowns, they are basically like pet dogs they have so much personality and I'd be very sad to see them go! I'd love to see them spawn but the female hates the male too much to even let him sleep near her haha! What have you been upto anyway!? have you joined one of the forces? (guessing from your dp)
  3. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    I had a yellow clown goby at the very beginning and her name was Ponyo. But she died Ok Update time! sad news is the Possum wrasse is presumed dead! havent saw him since coming back from florida... I have also removed all of my pulsing xenia! as it was getting far to much for this kind of tank and I have also organised to sell my GSP! im going to be removing a lot of the live rock and just generally tidying the tank up a bit. I have been very busy since coming back from Florida. I met a girl, started university and started the third year of my apprenticeship! so I havent had a lot of time for anything really! I put a few posts up on the uk forum but other than that it has been very univentiful. Since last time I have upgraded my flow - bought a tunze turbelle nanostream 6015 which produces an extra 1,800 litres per hour and I picked up a Maxijet MP900 powerhead to replace the standard pump in the tank. The flow in the tank is pretty heavy now and it took a good week for everything to settle down. I have a few pictures though that I would like to share with you all! I'd like to apologise for the quality of the images. they were taken with my phone for quickness!
  4. NC12: diary of an L.A. tank

    what's this MB7?? does it kill hair algae??
  5. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    I haven't been yet, two weeks to day we leave! (i've just been excited for ages about going haha) yeh sorry for the lack of updates, currently feeling pretty down about the hair algae problem that just wont go away so pictures of my tank look rotten at the minute.
  6. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    My Hector's Goby went missing this afternoon, I thought it very strange as he was always out and about... i searched through the back chambers this evening and didn't find him, then my Maxi spat him out he was so fat as well and eating loads of my hair algae! [distressing pictures to follow]
  7. Plate Coral Lovin'

    Gallivanting about the sand bed causing me to rearrange everything, but now it's up at the glass and I can get close ups!
  8. id this coral

    Will be cool to see some pictures of it once it's opened!
  9. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    just did that there! was amazing! I was thinking that it looked like a video of it spitting the mysis out only in reverse...
  10. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    The plate is amazing, picked everything up from abyss. Such a cool shop! The orange plate coral had moved this morning as well, went walkies and was lying under my hammer coral, so I did a quick swap around and gave him more room. Thanks Bakenn, duncans are really cool and if you feed them they grow like crazy, those three polyp heads are only one month of growth and there is at least two buds on every head! It was well expensive but I had been paid that day and had travelled a good 5 hours lol, I wasn't going home without it. Yeh I have saw the goby nibbling at the tufts, so hopefully he gets enough food from that :/. Shame I never assumed he'd be difficult to feed especially when he took mysis from the (hot) assistant lady.
  11. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    I think jessie the court jester goby may actually be hector the hector goby lol! looking at pictures of both of them and they are quite similar but it's defo more black and yellow like the hector. Which is probably quite lucky 'cause it says it grazes on hair algae of which I have plenty! lol.
  12. Howl's Mushroom Forest

    Thanks gena! feeding the plate coral is so much fun haha! he can actually eat quicker than my shrimp can steal lol. The wrasse is warming up to my presence and doesn't scuttle off anymore however when i get the camera too close he ends up swimming away and I don't wanna put up any rubbish blurry pictures, hopefully he'll get used to the photography and become as much of a poser as the clownfish! Yeh I made sure they were both eating at the store (which they were) the wrasse is eating (and popping) in my tank but the jester goby doesn't seem interested at the moment... I hope he doesn't carry on with his hunger strike for very long...
  13. The Enchanted Forest: My 10g Macro Tank

    Hopefully mine splits as well! then i won't need to shell out for a pal! I promised myself that my recent purchases would be the last for quite some time .
  14. The Enchanted Forest: My 10g Macro Tank

    The macro algae has really exploded in growth!! how's the maxi's coming on? mine's lonely... lol
  15. Plate Coral Lovin'

    second day in my tank! such an interesting coral