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  1. Strange "algae"?

    Thanks, Brandon. I've also seen my bulb yellowing a bit over the last month or so. Could also be a culprit. Time for a new one, I suppose...
  2. Strange "algae"?

    Tomorrow is scheduled for a WC. I was going to do it today, but I wound up away from the house on and off all day, so I'll do it tomorrow. I'd still really just like to know what caused it, and what exactly it is. For it to disappear each night baffles me.
  3. Strange "algae"?

    That's what the chemi-pure is for. I've never had a phosphate problem.
  4. Strange "algae"?

  5. Strange "algae"?

    Hello. No, I did not rinse it in tap water. Thanks for the outstanding opinion, anyway there, Ray... I was thinking it was atoms at first, too, figuring on a mini cycle from removing so much bacteria with the bag. The systems volume is only about 4.5 gallons. I'm going to do a wc today after my run, clean the substrate, and see what happens. Strange thing is, in the morning, it looks like this. By the time the lights go out, (7hrs) it looks like the previous pics.
  6. Strange "algae"?

    A few days ago I changed the bag of chemipure elite in my AC20 power filter. Now I have a strange slime type algae on the surface of my substrate. It's like slime, but it's mustard yellow. Water was crystal clear and the tank was in excellent shape until then. I wonder if it's possible I got a bad bag of chemi pure, or, if I disturbed something when I changed it?
  7. Jruberti's 11.4 Gallon //AI Nano Added

    Thanks. Do you ever wish you had made it deep enough to put the plumbing through the top?
  8. Jruberti's 11.4 Gallon //AI Nano Added

    What are your stand's dimensions? Nice build!
  9. Tanked!

    We need a "like" button...
  10. tpallas' 11.4g LED SPS Rimless

    What happened? Updates?
  11. Tanked!

    Wow.... I give up. You win, fartknocker.
  12. Tanked!

    Well obviously you're also a child... (speaking in license plate) The tank was built on the damned show, so I'd say it has a lot to do with the show... And, you're right. You dunno. You answered the question wrong...
  13. Tanked!

    Oh, I don't know. What does this thread have to do with nano-reef.com? You're a douchebag...
  14. Tanked!

    On a lighter note.... The "phone booth tank" is already for sale... Ebay link
  15. +1 One of the advantages those of us with really small tanks have is it allows us to afford the higher end ingredients, because they go further. Sure, the cost per gallon is the same, but, when you're only changing a couple gallons a week vs. 20 or 30, cost per unit of time is much less. I would upgrade to a really nice, proven reef salt. I'm actually thinking of switching myself, for the same reason.