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  1. Stuff for sale: - Deluxe Prizm $50 - 20" 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/Quad 50/50 Square pin (mounting legs included) actinic/fluor $75 - Ebo Jagger Heater 75W $15 Everything is 4 months old. I have all the original packaging. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  2. 15g for sale

    Hey Everyone, I have a complete 15 gallon saltwater setup for sale. Selling it because school starts soon and I won't have the time nor space for it, unfortunately. The whole setup is 5 months old and right now, I'm not really sure if I should sell it as a whole, or by pieces. It would be ideal to sell it as whole, but if I can't, then the individual pieces will be sold. This is only for pickup because I don't want to hassle with shipping..etc. So here it is: Tank Setup - 15 gallon glass tank - Corallife Aqualight CF hood w/Quad 50/50 Square Pin - Microjet 320 - Seachem test kit (barely used) - Prizm Protein Skimmer with attachment - 10lbs of instant ocean - Coralife deepsix hydrometer - Ebo Jagger Heater Inhabitants - 10lbs of live sand - 15lbs of live rock (tonga I think) - 9 Nassarius snails - 2 Mexican Turbos - 1 Cleaner shrimp (small) - 3 Astreas For $300? I don't know if that's unreasonable, but I am of course, willing to negotiate. Will provide pictures if you want. You can also see it for yourself. I live in Des Moines (South of Seatac Airport). Email me for pictures or directions. I forgot to mention, I'm in WA! sidel80@hotmail.com Thanks, Simon
  3. Brown Algae ID

    Anyone know what type of algae this is? It grows very slowly and looks quite attractive actually. Is it pest or dangerous? Should I remove? Thanks!
  4. Bubble algae??

    Is this bubble algae? I'm referring to the oblong shaped macro algae, not the grape caulpera. Thanks!
  5. Any idea on what this is? It just started growing out of nowhere in the sand. Should I remove? It looks kinda cool and its not really a nuisance, yet. Thanks!
  6. Explosion of life

    Hey, that's exactly what my tank is going through. I see little feather dusters too that look somewhat like aiptasia. I'm guessing some of them are feather dusters and some are just extremely tiny aiptasia. They do have a distinct look if you stare at it long enough. Maybe you can try get a peppermint shrimp, I hear they eat aiptasia. However, the "explosion of life" also brought about an explosion in algae which is ####ing me off . Let's just hope my mexican turbo takes care of that! BTW, did you buy any nassarius snails from Blue Sierra? They are just absolutely the coolest addition (so far) to my tank. They're like sharks when it comes to feeding time.
  7. Just bought a Mexican turbo snail. Bulldozers I hear, but nothing seems to match their algae eating abilities, so far. Very happy with it. However, I noticed something odd that I haven't seen mentioned in the forums. I could have sworn my Mexican turbo snail just ate a bubble algae. They don't eat bubble algae do they? I guess that's a plus, but I'm pretty sure I haven't read a single post about snails eating bubble algae. Only thing I've heard eating bubble algae are emerald crabs, correct? Just wanted to know what everyone else thought of this. Any one else have mexican turbos that eat bubble algae? Maybe mine's just really hungry!
  8. Thanks guys, I think I'll skip the hermits for now, until I find some really tiny harmless ones. I heard the scarlet (or red legged??) ones are more docile than the blue legged, but I read conflicting posts on that so I dont know for sure. As for the snails, I'm not quite sure what does what! - Astrea - Algae eaters, but die if they can't right themselves. I don't want to have to babysit these guys - Nassarius - sand sifters, detritus eaters??? - Cerinth - I heard algae eaters (good glass cleaners) - Margarita - No idea. What they serve in bars? Any suggestions on what they do would be great. Are these basically the snails available? Thanks again!
  9. Just a quick question for everyone who has hermits and snails. Is it even worth it to get hermits when there's the possibility they might kill the snails to get to their shells? I've heard that's one of the reasons, but not sure if there's more reasons why hermits kill snails. At $2+ a piece, I would try and eliminate anything that might possibly kill my snails, like hermits:) I plan on adding several types of snails (astrea, nast, and those others that I can't remember at the top of my head). With a variety of snails and maybe a shrimp, hermits won't be required will they? What unique ability do they contribute anyway? Thanks for any help! Sidel
  10. Tank is almost ready to go!

    Just wondering, what uses up calcium? Corals? Does the coralline (purple stuff) on live rock use it too? Thanks!
  11. baby mantis shrimp

    Check out this website. Seems to have larval, to adult stage of the mantis shrimp. Hope that helps http://www.imagequest3d.com/pages/current/.../stomatopod.htm
  12. A newbie from a Pacific Island

    Zeke's in Guam . The reef is actually quite close to the shore. During lowtide, you can actually hike to the reef line, where there's a sudden drop off into the ocean. Quick question. If you cure the rock with the lights on, wouldn't you just be encouraging algae growth and thus competing with the coralline algae in spreading? However, since the pieces he has seems to be well encrusted with coralline, it probably doesn't matter. Just a thought!
  13. A newbie from a Pacific Island

    LOL, soo....someone finally took some interest. I told you this was fun and interesting Anyway, for your biowheel, I think all you have to do is remove the wheel. The biowheel is not actually motor driven (current driven) so just taking it out is fine. When you receive it, you'll see what I mean.
  14. How does this rock look? (Pics)

    Hey MGX/Nano, Sorry to totally derail the topic, but I just wanted to ask you both how the live sand sold at Blue Sierra suppose to be. I mean, I bought live sand and it just looks...umm..dead. Is it suppose to have little critters in it or what? Mine's totally lifeless!!!! I just realize they don't really have a holding tank for live sand and for all I know they just fill one of the tanks with dead sand and sell it as "live". Hopefully that's not how they do business, but I guess I'm just being a little paranoid. However, just bought live rock from there and it's excellent. Oh, and you're absolutely right about the short girl not knowing anything. hehe...
  15. How does this rock look? (Pics)

    I'm soooo gonna be there on Friday..LOL. Thanks! MGX/Nano - Do you know if the cured rocks from Blue Sierra will have a rotting smell when it cycles? I just realized my tank is in my room and I can't imagine falling asleep while my room smells like crap =). I was thinking of moving it to the living room if I the smell will be too overpowering Never had any experience with this so just wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks Sidel