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  1. Has anyone noticed this indentation on one side of their fish? It seems to act normal.
  2. Hypothetical Mandarin Dragonet in 13.5gals

    I would get yourself some Nutramar OVA and make sure you pick out a Mandarin who is actively hunting for food. I've been able to train every mandarin who hunts for food. I emphasize that because I've definitely been shipped Mandarin's or picked out ones who were goners from the get go from stress. They lived in a 20g long no sump and a 27g with 10g sump and fed OVA once a day. Had this pair for a 2 to 3 years before I lost them to a power outage.
  3. BRS doser reliability?

    I used them for about a year straight. The only problem I ran into was making the mistake of using a digital timer. One time it stuck in the on position for my alk and my tank looked like someone dumped a gallon of milk into my tank.
  4. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    It's really just trial and error. Buy all the known frozen foods that mandarins can possibly eat and see which if any of them they end up liking. Turn off the flow and then turkey baste the food in their face to see which they like. Then you can take it a step further and use a glass jar diner to keep the food contained. 1.Nutramar OVA 2. Brine Shrimp 3. Cyclopeeze 4. Small mysis shrimp 5. Blood Worms 6. Small pellets. NLS This is all I could come up with. Of all the mandarins I've had, I've had the most success with Nutramar OVA. Only one of the 6 or so I've ever bought ate pellets.
  5. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    Just got a huge male green mandarin recently and found out the red mandarin I've had the past 3 months is also a male. I originally thought my red mandarin was a really mature female because the dorsal fin seemed very short compared to the males I'm used to seeing in green mandarins. So right now I've got a spotted pair in my 30g, the male red mandarin in my 55g, and a male green mandarin in a 20g sump until I figure out a new homing situation.The good news is that all my mandarins are eating nutramar ova. Thankfully I was able to get nutramar ova but I had to drive 6 hours roundtrip to get it. I will post a video and some pictures soon of my red and green mandarins, they are the biggest mandarins I've seen in the hobby so far.
  6. From LED to MH

    I owned that coralife 150w halide and I would have to say that you'll have all the PAR zones in your tank. Low on the sand bed, to med/high on your rock work. I would probably keep your sps mid level at least.
  7. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    Thanks! I've been feeding them Nutramar OVA since day 1. Here's a pic of the male when I first got him from my post earlier in this thread. Recently I've been mixing in tiny NLS pellets to try and vary their diet but they end up spitting it out once they've tried it. Looking at other alternatives. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/324304-official-mandarin-and-dragonet-show-off-thread/?p=4490418
  8. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    Took a video of my mandarin pair during feeding earlier today. Good closeups around the 2:10 mark.
  9. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    I've noticed that when I can consistently feed the mandarins at least once everyday that the female becomes gravid. Even before feeding, she will look extremely fat on the sides. I'll try and grab some pictures.
  10. DIY'ers beware of Steve's Violet LED's

    Definitely get the violets from LEDgroupbuy. Customer service is worth it. He went out of his way to replace my older style violets with browned out cracking lenses with the new model HV and TV and they have been good ever since. It's been a year now with the new style violets.
  11. Red bugs, what are my options?

    Have you tried the bayer in much higher dosages?. I used about 10mL per cup of tank water and soaked it for 15 minutes. Have not seen any sign of the redbugs since i dipped all my acros about 3 months ago.
  12. DIY LED/T5 Combo Enclosure

    I've seen ATI T5 Fixtures with LED supplement strips mounted on the front and back of the fixture with brackets and angled slightly towards the center. Perhaps you could do the opposite and use brackets to mount a T5 Bulb on each side of the Makers heatsink. At least this way you won't have to worry about the heat of the T5 Bulbs affecting your LED's by by incorporating it all into the same housing.
  13. Which ATO to get?

    There's the avast marine ATO. I like how it's controlled by pressure rather than some moving parts. The only catch is that it's only precise enough to keep your water level +/- .25 inch from where it's set I believe. I've been using it for the past year without any issues. I bought the optional float valve for extra security. I like how it can't be affected by any tank critters like snails.
  14. True Violet Lens Reliability

    I checked my new solderless violets recently and noticed the true violet lenses still degraded and browned out. No where near as bad as the previous style ones. My solderless Hyper Violet lenses look fine. I've just accepted that the plastic lenses cannot handle the uv portion of the true violet and will inevitably degrade.
  15. Very nice. I think you'll be very happy with that setup. My last suggestion would be to just go all hyper violets and skip the true violets. My solderless true violets which were replacements for the older ones on the black stars still have the same issue of lenses degrading and browning out. I've accepted that whatever little UV spectrum the LED has is enough to degrade the acrylic. All my hyper violets lenses are still good. Also glad I went with LEDgroupbuy because milad didn't hesitate to replace my LED's with issues.