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    fishing, hiking, the beach, photography, music, REEFING, scuba diving, being outside
  1. New Maine Reef club!

    Hey everyone there is a new reef keeping club in Maine that just started a few days ago. Check us out on facebook and join to meet local reefers! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Mai...240815092659672
  2. Dwarf Cuttlefish eggs

    Hi all I have 2 extra dwarf cuttlefish eggs and was wondering if anyone is interested in them? They are still black so they have maybe a week or two left before they hatch.
  3. cultivating phytoplankton

    Hello all I've been reading articles on cultivating phytoplankton so that I can grow pods and get a mandarin. I know some basic methods but does anyone have any personal experience with phyto and pods? Also, I was wondering in anyone has some phyto cultures that they would ship to me and I would pay shipping. It is just so expensive to buy online. thanks in advance guys!
  4. cultivating Phytoplankton in Maine?

    Hello all I am currently starting to cultivate phytoplankton so that I can grow my own pods and get a mandarin fish. I was wondering if anyone in the southern maine area had phytoplankton that I could purchase or have to start my own phyto culture. Thank you! p.s I realize that I can buy it online buy with shipping it's like 30 bucks for 8oz of phyto =(