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  1. Curious on to why the blue pop is being discounted... did Euroquatics say that there's a new blue pop bulb coming out in the future....?
  2. S T E V B E N

    I decide to log in randomly and I see your name in my notifications and I'm like DAFAQ? Still, welcome back. Got bored of strippers eh?
  3. Tristan's Reefer Nano

    Damn man that sucks to hear about your clowns Maybe the clowns had some sickness that didn't show up till you brought it back. And besides ease of maintenance, why do you want to downgrade? Sumps are much nicer than AIOs ya know...
  4. I'm currently fishless but my tank is mostly softies with a few LPS and SPS but I do feed and/or supplement liquid food. I do have some CUCs to help cut down detritus though.
  5. When is the best time to feed corals?

    LPS, nighttime. Zoas/Mushrooms, daytime.

    I've been drinking the RO part for years, beats buying cases of bottled water or lugging 5gal water jugs to the supermarket. The DI part goes to the tank. I only drink that if I go out and eat something extremely salty (like certain food trucks).
  7. Soft Coral Chemical Warfare

    SPS coral warfare is fairly interesting, though, it won't be complete annihilation for the losing coral. They eventually will grow the other way if two different SPS species are touching each other. The only exception is the encrusting and non-plating montipora species.
  8. Soft Coral Chemical Warfare

    Here's a copy and paste thread that I booked marked in case I wanted to go full blown softy tank: If anything, I think the rapid growth of soft corals will more than likely kill the neighboring stony corals than toxins. As for LPS, imo, acans are the less aggressive LPS corals.
  9. Topping off water

    About 2X a day. I generally add about less than 1/4th a cup of water each time.
  10. Why are you still using T5's ?

    One good thing about LEDs is that it allowed people to create reef tanks with those 'irregular' tank sizes, like those 18" cube tanks, most of ADA/Mr. Aqua tanks, or pico tanks.
  11. how much did your nano cost?

    Jeez, imagine if we had to total how much $$$ in livestock we put into this hobby, that'll probably double the equipment cost....
  12. Best nano skimmer

    Lol, I did that sound reducing mod before but it's still quite loud compared to my current skimmer (Bubble Magus QQ). Yea, the 19" height does scare me a bit too lol. My tank is 10" tall AIO tank and I can't imagine how much water it'll use when it's on. You can always email Ice Cap for Canadian distributors.
  13. Perfect temperature for a tank?

    +1 on stability. I keep my temp around 79-80 during winter and 77-78 during summer. Here in SoCal, I only need the heater during the 'winter' months. Most of the time, the residual tank pumps are my heaters + acrylic tank keeps my tank warm.
  14. Best nano skimmer

    The Ice Cap K2-50 has a tiny footprint (4.75″ x 3.5″) and it'll probably fit in many AIO tanks. I'm planning on picking one up when my current skimmer craps out. I still have my Aqua C Remora. It's loud, giant, and totally not sexy looking but it did skim like a beast. I still have it sitting in my fish closet lol. I thought about converting it into an in-sump skimmer like the Urchin Series if I ever have a sump.
  15. Tristan's Reefer Nano

    Is it hard? I have a macroalgae that looks like that called a teacup algae (Acetabularia sp.) that looks something like yours (but smaller). If it's a zoa, then that's pretty looking one.