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  1. Tigger Pods in their natural habitat

    Hey I know where those pools are Last time I went there we went the wrong way and got dead ended at the lagoon at the beach. Then I remembered you have to cut through the mobile home park. And yeah no collecting. Period. EVER
  2. sandbeds

    I bought Natures Ocean Dry Aragonite in #5 grade. I think it's a great mix of medium to small size particles and looks awesome under my T5's. Doesn't get kicked around by my Koralia 425 either. It was a pain in the butt to clean though, it took me about 45 minutes to rinse out the 10 pound bag, and it was still a little cloudy after I added it to the tank.
  3. 1LB Live rock to 19LB dry rock?

    You do know how pure your ammonia is, it's listed right on the container how pure the ammonia is you're purchasing. Look for the purest you can find that states free of additives. Start your search at a hardware store. Search around you can find some threads on people who went that route.
  4. poping rock pimples?!

    You could try a frshwater dip and see if anything crazy comes crawling out
  5. Ipse's 20h Adventure

    FTS 10/23/11 Current Equipment: Koralia 425 Nano Jager 75 Watt heater CPR Aquafuge Small ViaAqua 360 (for the fuge) Odyssea 18 Watt PC with Coralife 10,000K bulb (for the fuge) Current Nova Extreme 4x24 T5HO -------------------------------------------------------- Figured it was time to start one of these now that my tank looks like, well, a tank. This is going to be my first ever saltwater tank. Not much experience with aquarium keeping before this, I kept a Betta Fish for 2 years but then the wood in the tank developed a fungus and the fish quickly passed. My current plan for the tank is a Carribean Biotope. I'm planning on ordering a 17 lb Nano special from Gulf Live Rock to get it started. Stocking plans are currently a jawfish and a chalk bass. Coral stocking plans are undecided at the moment, but I know I want this to be a reef tank. Today I really got the tank started. The water has been mixing since last weekend in the tank. It is now at 1.023 salinity (I used RODI and Reef Crystals if you're interested). Today I rinsed out 10 pounds of the dry Natures Ocean #5 grade aragonite I purchased for the tank a couple of weeks ago at PetCo. I spent about an hour rinsing and dumping and the water was still a little cloudy. Finally I decided it was good enough, rinsed with RODI and a bit of dechlorinator (as I had been using tap water for the majority of the rinsing) and in the tank it went one cup at a time. Then I stopped by my LFS. They were having a moving sale so I picked up 7 pounds of live rock and one big 7 pound piece of dry rock for $28. Most of their live rock had majanos on it, but I managed to pick out two pieces that were majano free. One of the live rock pieces had a tiny green bubble algae on it, but I manually removed it before it even hit the tank. One piece has a bunch of little white sponges on it, which unfortunately probably won't survive the cycle. I also saw a couple of bristle worms and a brittle star on one of the pieces before it went into the tank. Pictures so far Cloudy FTS. Please ignore the pile of clothes in the hallway it's laundry day OK you can kind of maybe see one of the pieces of live rock. This is the piece that has the sponges on it. If you can see them than well you have better eyes than I do! Once the water clears up I'll bust out my DSLR and take some decent photos. Plan for the coming week: Clean off the piece of dry rock I got. Fill the aquafuge with water and move the heater into the fuge. Clean up the rest of the aragonite. Since I'm planning on getting a jawfish I might go get some reef rubble to add to the sand bed (maybe 5 pounds or so). Also depending upon how deep the bed is after adding the next 10 pounds I might get some more dry aragonite. Feels good to finally have made some progress on this! My girlfriend and all of our friends have been making fun of me for having an empty tank sitting in the living room for the past couple of months.
  6. Good Deal?

    This neighborhood is too noisy, it's moving to mars. Much more secluded there. Also no this wasn't ocean rock, according to the owner it all came from one his own personal tanks that he broke down.
  7. Good Deal?

    Ok results Bought two pieces of live rock totaling 7 pounds. No majano on either piece. One piece had a very small piece of bubble algea which I removed before it even hit my tank. I saw at least one brittle star and a bristle worm. Also bought one big piece of dry rock, 7 pounds dry. He gave me the same deal, needs to be cleaned before it goes in. I'll be starting my tank thread as soon as I get back home.
  8. Good Deal?

    That is the one thing I love about the GLR examples I have seen, tons of life on them. Whereas from the local store it's pretty much just bare rock besides the majanos (a little coraline). But the store is going to be much cheaper. Their tanks are relatively clean. Right now they're not as clean as they used to be, I'm guessing they're letting maintenance slide while they're busy with the move.
  9. Good Deal?

    So I stopped by one of my LFS's yesterday and as it turns out they are in the process of moving. Most of their tanks are already taken down, but they still had some up. They're having a clearance on their remaining live rock $2 per pound. I was all "Sweet!" and started looking around at the remaining pieces. But then I noticed that most of the remaining pieces had one or two majano's on them. Not plague proportions yet, but enough to make me not jump the gun and buy 20 pounds. So what do you all think? Should I buy some of the rock and attempt to manually remove the majanos? Or should I just continue with my previous plan to buy all of my rock from Gulf Live Rock?
  10. Aquatraders.com

    Sounds to me like you didn't read their about us page before you purchased http://www.aquatraders.com/aboutus
  11. Best Avatars on N-R?

    Pop up kitty cat and kitty vs clownfish stare down are my favorites
  12. Does Hardware Ever Go On Sale?

    Foster and smith had a summer sale not too long ago, I didn't buy any big ticket items but I did notice that some lighting systems were on sale
  13. AC70 noise

    How close is your heater to the pump? Heaters can disrupt the impeller pumps magnetic field and create all kinds of noise, happened to me in my eclipse 3 freshwater tank.
  14. How big of a fuge for a 20-gallon? Help!

    I bought a small CPR Aquafuge for my 20h. I am just setting up the tank now, but I think it's a good size.
  15. What is your occupation?

    I am a on site service representative for a rental car company at an insurance claims office. So what does that mean? Basically I make sure that when someone has an insurance claim they get a rental car, and that the rental gets paid for by the insurance company. There's quite a bit more to it than that but it's a good summary. As to how much I pay per month, I'm just setting the tank up so I don't really have a good idea of how much I'll be spending per month.