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  1. cool, I wish my LFS was that nice
  2. madhader85


    yeah, thats what happened to one of my clowns
  3. get a pair of false percs, cant go wrong with them
  4. what other fish are in the tank?
  5. madhader85


    I would quaritine him just to be on the safe side.
  6. I would go for a peppermint over the pistol
  7. sorry I didnt mean that, I was talking to some online about a guitar fourm, and I typed it in here rather than in the box to talk to him. sorry
  8. I bet no one will read this post
  9. that is too many fish. In my 20 all I have is a pair of clowns and a damsel. Im not planning to get any more fish.
  10. really cool start, looking forward to seeing it when it is finished
  11. my clowns never attack eachother(false percs). They ae very close to eachother. Sometime they chase my damsel, by never attack him.
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