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  1. Spirofucci

    BA's New PicO Aquarium Tank

    Is this a food thread? WTF? At least when my thread went off topic it was about sex........
  2. Spirofucci

    BA's New PicO Aquarium Tank

    Man OH Man!!!! Glad you are taking yer time on this. The whole set up and scape are just killer! The scape does look like a wave.....can't wait to see it it in the tank. You make me proud my boy.
  3. Spirofucci

    BA's New PicO Aquarium Tank

    Why isn't this thing done yet!
  4. Spirofucci

    BA's New PicO Aquarium Tank

    Looking good there Hugo....... Of course I expect absolute perfection from this tank.
  5. Spirofucci

    Ecotech Radion Pro

  6. Spirofucci

    The Nothing from the Ocean RSM 130 New pics pg10

    You know you've really made it in life when you are on the Official NR RSM Index Thread! Also, it's up to you but I'd ask the mods to move yer thread to members thread. You get more feedback there.
  7. Spirofucci

    Rio Grande Twins

    I still need to try some Dr. Tims or something similar for the cyano........ Thanks Benny, I've been using phosban but I might try some phosgard next and also as mentioned above try some bacterial additives also. As I've always said.......there is probably so much more going on in our tanks that we do not understand, than what we do understand....
  8. Spirofucci

    The Nothing from the Ocean RSM 130 New pics pg10

    You are too young to drink! But for sure you can get creative...... It is really easy and fun to make your own aquascape. Once you glue/putty everything together it will never fall apart or get knocked over. If you ever decide to make your filtration much better.....like adding the 9002 skimmer and media rack.....I have a use Stevie rack I could give you.
  9. Spirofucci

    Rio Grande Twins

    I think its the green one lol. I didn't know they had two...... I agree! I think I failed organic AND inorganic chem.......... I'm pretty sure I don't have much phos in my system, but I must have some other dominat nutrient because I still have a bunch of cyano....... I think if you could see them in person you would like the SSC better!
  10. Spirofucci

    Rio Grande Twins

    I think that elegance is just a "normal" one.....it sorta has pink tips. Thanks for the advice on the maximas! Those are que bonita!!!!!
  11. Spirofucci

    Gorgonian show off thread!

    Great idea! I hope it's for photo gorgs as well........Here's one of mine:
  12. Yep you'll over heat the Radion and your tank. I ended up putting a Radion over my RSM but I made a cheap and easy open top which allows for air circulation and no fish jumping. I'm really happy with that set up.
  13. Spirofucci

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    So much going on in here! LA County Fair! The best. Nice pics!
  14. Spirofucci

    ## Generator ##

    Yes, very loud!!!!