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  1. Calvinorc

    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Thinking of getting one of these for my 29g. I'm having issues with zoa eating amphipods, and I'm trying to combine a cool looking fish that's reef safe, will fit ok in my biocube29, and will hopefully make snacks of my overpopulation of amphipods. Just tried a McCosker's wrasse, which made it a whole 4 days before getting stuck in a small hole in the live rock, where my voracious pods are currently eating his corpse... Anyone have and idea if the Banggai might work?
  2. Calvinorc

    McCosker's Wrasse... Champion hide-n-seek, or dead?

    Ok. Mystery solved. The hole in the live rock he was hiding in went farther back than I thought. He's wedged inside there, way beyond what I can get to. When I shook the rock to see if he'd move, a flurry of amphipods came out. I don't see him now, so he's now so far inside I can't even get to him with tweezers! Now the question is... Do I pull that piece of live rock out before he starts rotting and spikes the ammonia? Or do I just let the dozens of amphipods and worms take care of him? 29g biocube, so not a huge volume of water to soak up any ammonia..... The LR has 2 Acans on it, but I could pop them off I think.
  3. I got a small male McCosker's wrasse for my biocube 29 Tuesday, and he's been fine and active since... Eating ok, interacting with my maroon clown, etc. He'd spent quite a bit of time hiding in a hole in the live rock that I could see from the side, but he'd come out for feedings and to explore the tank. The night before last he was hidden somewhere and didn't come out for food when I fed the clown. (Hikari brine frozen) Haven't seen him since... I'm hoping he discovered the huge amphipod infestation (which is why I got him) and is hunting them down, but you'd think I'd at least catch a glimpse of him during 2 days... Not familiar with wrasses at all... Is this holding up for days normal, or should I go on a fish-hunt and move the rocks around to find him? I'm worried he's going to die n rot and trigger a crash if something is wrong... Anyone got any advice?? Thanks!!
  4. Calvinorc

    Pest ID

    I've had both shrimps in a Biocube 14 and they were fine. Really did a number on the aiptasia too!! It eventually died, and a little while after I got aiptasia back. Used the lighter trick for those and it worked perfectly.
  5. Calvinorc

    srpntmage's 29 Biocube Build

    I know its been 3 weeks, and hopefully you got your answer, but for what it's worth.., I've got the Elos kits for mag/cal/alk/po4... API for the rest. The Elos are a HUGE step above the API... And from the people I've talked to that use them, the Red Sea pro kits are even easier to use than the Elos. I plan on switching over as soon as these run out. They both work similarly... You add drops to a solution until it changes color... Count drops, multiple/add/subtract, and that's your number . No guessing or interpreting 14 shades of pink or blue. The color changes from orange to green, or magenta pink to blue... Pop... Very obvious. I also agree on the RO/DI being a necessity. My old biocube 14 I had to buy water until I got the RO/DI... And I'll never go back to that crap again. especially since I upgraded to the Biocube 29 and will by going through water quicker!! Good luck with the tank!!!
  6. Total newb question here, but..... I bought the BRS GFO/Carbon single reactor, which comes with a mount to screw it onto a wall or tank stand. I'll probably mount it on the side, near the back in the corner where it won't be very visible, yet easily accessible for changing out media every couple weeks. The question I have is...... how do I run the 1/2" lines into and out of the Biocube?? Obviously I'll have to cut/drill holes in the hood somewhere... but where? And which chamber do I put the pump in to suck the water out of the tank, and which one do I run it back into?? I have a theory that I could replace the main pump in chamber 3, and have the hose go to the reactor, then run the return hose back to the outflow into the tank. Would the reactor slow down the flow too much for that to work? I don't want to lose too much flow into the tank... ( I have a single MP10 mounted on the opposite (right) side of the tank from the main pump return) Would I be better off putting both hoses into the first chamber with the heater? Or pump in chamber 1, and the return in chamber 2? The other question is fan mounting - I have 2 stealth fans that replace the stock ones mounted under the light shield, with a DIY LED from RapidLED that the previous owner did. Problem is, the fans don't seem to be keeping the heat down very well, because it creeps up to 81-ish after the lights are on for a few hours. I was thinking of taking the larger stealth fan I have (I think it's an 80mm, vs the 50-60mm ones in the hood) and mounting it so it blows air directly on top of the aluminum fins on the heat sink... but there's not enough room between the hood and the fins for it to fit. And it would leave a hole, or if I cut slots in the plastic, a grate, in the middle of the top of the hood for water to get in if I spilled something on top of the tank while doing maintenance. Anyone have a better idea? (doesn't have to include a big ol' fan either, but I'm trying to keep the $$ to a minimum, so a chiller is out) OK, I'm just gonna shut up now and hope someone has some good answers! Thanks!
  7. Ok, my zoas have been getting attacked big time the last several days. 4 days ago I noticed they were all closed (5 heads on a frag disk), and when I looked closer there was a little Asterina star on them. So... The Purge began. I'd just bought this biocube 29 from a guy that had it running for two years, last several months he had nothing in it but a turbo, 2 live rocks (one covered in palys) and a Zoa frag. And a TON of brittle stars, asterinas, bristle worms, pods, etc. I've pulled at least 40 of the little buggers out in the last 2 days. I thought that should fix that little problem!! However, 2 nights ago when I was looking at things under the moonlights, I saw a little amphipod on my zoa frag! Then he disappeared! Then last night, I sat watching 2 decent sized ones tag teaming the poor zoas with a few little ones. I'm planning on starting to add corals to the tank in a few weeks, and don't want this to be a recurring problem. Update as I was typing this on my iphone, I looked at the zoa, and it had -TWO- asterinas on it!!!! Called the LFS and talked to the owner. He suggested dosing the tank with Flatworm RX, just in case it's something like a zoa eating nudi, not an amphipod. Anyone ever seen this work??
  8. Calvinorc

    RO/DI Setup

    Hijacking my thread, {&ry} !!?? I'm glad you did, because your questions and the answers ya got helped me out too!
  9. Calvinorc

    RKL ALC question

    Have a quick question... Bought an up n running biocube 29 with a DIY LED set, 10 Cree blue, 10 white with 2 Meanwell 60-48D drivers and a RapidLED dimming controller with dual dials. I already had the reefkeeper lite with the advanced lighting controller module from a tank that died 2 years ago. The ALC was working 2 years ago and has sat in a sealed dry tub in a dark closet the whole time. Now it doesn't even show up, even though I've plugged all the cords into every possible combination of ports. So I know I can't run the lights with the ALC, and do the pretty ramp up n down dusk/dawn thing.... But is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to continue using the RapidLED dimmer switch to control the intensity of the LEDs manually, and use the PC4 ports to power it as a plain jane on/off light timer?? Going to work on the ALC issue, but in the mean time I'd like to be up and running without a 1930's vintage pair of timers.... Any thoughts?
  10. Calvinorc

    RO/DI Setup

    Ok, thanks. I was skimming posts a little bit ago and saw another reference to white vinegar removing any oil or residue from the Brute's manufacture... So you must be on the right track!! I'll have to run to the store and grab some... Used up the last of what we had cleaning my coffee machine!!
  11. Calvinorc

    RO/DI Setup

    Just bought a Brute trash can to use for a RODI water storage tank, with an auto cutoff and spigot. Question I have is, what should I use (and should I period ) to wash it out prior to filling it?? Any soap NOT to use, residue issues, phosphate, etc?
  12. Thanks everyone!! The peninsula style looks awesome, but I don't think it would fit in the space I'm planning to put the tank. Now the other thing I need to figure out if I go the 40 B route, is lighting...... T5? LED? Obviously the led would be preferable, but... How much would a T5 setup run vs an LED for a tank that size?
  13. Looking for some input from people who have had either of these systems, their pros & cons, cost to build, etc. For background, I started a Biocube 14 around 3.5 years ago, had it for a little over a year in my office, and it crashed catastrophically over a weekend. From what I could tell, a mushroom fought with an Acan, and the entire tank lost. I had done the usual upgrades: media rack/purigen/chemipure, chaeto, put in a Koralia nano powerhead, did the cooler fan upgrades, was working on a DIY LED fixture, reefkeeper lite, auto-doser for 2-part... had just bought a carbon/gfo reactor but hadn't installed it... have a 5state RO/DI system... I still have almost all of the components, just missing the tank itself. My wife and I had a daughter, then had a house built 2 years ago and have been dying to put in a tank since... but money's somewhat tight, and we had a LOT of other priorities. Well, it's about time for the tank to move up on the hit list. Now the question is, which setup? 40 breeder with a DIY stand and 20g sump? or the all-in-one Biocube 29? Definitely want a slightly bigger tank than the 14 this time around. So, with that being said, what do you all think? If you had to do it, which would you go with and why?? Really appreciate any feedback y'all can give!! Thanks, John
  14. Calvinorc

    Tinpan's HQI 29

    Excellent tank!!! My old Biocube 14 bit the dust 2 years ago, and I'm dying to get back into it with a new tank. I've been debating between building a 40 breeder with custom stand and a 20g sump, or getting a Biocube 29 and the Biocube stand..... After seeing your tank, I'm leaning towards the Biocube!