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  1. more. must have more.
  2. well said oooh. on my way
  3. Congratulations @TJ_Burton And @micoastreefing babies are the best. Grand babies are better than the best!
  4. awe. how are you going to dedicate all of your free time to your tanks with him around? Thats not right! You better send him to me right away!
  5. I don't know any reefers in my area. I'm sure they are out there but I can never make any of the local reef club events to meet any of them. Palm Beachers, are you out there?!
  6. Wouldn't it be great to meet! I'm envious of the NY reefers, they seem to be able to meet up. I suggest a ROAD TRIP!
  7. You have a thread? Link? Thanks for thinking my title is interesting and replying. BTW-I love that you keep Jeramai's quote up. He was one of the few that kept me interested in the hobby when I was a newbie. Miss his little bouncing elephant.
  8. Wow, picking @stellablue and @metrokat to read from the beginning is truly ambitious. Next you gotta do @teenyreef and @urbaneks. I like your thread. You could always update the first page with a current FTS if you wanted to. come on in lounge rats-all are welcome here
  9. I like it. Pretty blue Zoas! Welcome to the clique! Lets do it Alice
  10. @WV Reefer, you have to reply, you can't just like (Else you are not a part of this Clique!)
  11. She's being very helpful by staying out of the way and not begging for your attention. Good Girl!
  12. And why did this topic post 3 times? Awe. Thanks for seeing my post and commenting.
  13. Yes, I noticed my faux pas in the title when I came back here. Fixing now. But as for the rest of it, thppppppp
  14. Just a question, not an accusation. For example: What makes one reefers thread so much more active than another? And why do some reefers, no matter the topic, get so many hits? Just curious.
  15. tank looks like its really shaping up. Noticeable growth on the gsp. glad you got the rfa's finally surviving-that was a rough patch. cute clowns. i introduced a new clown to my 29 after having just 1 for several years-they are getting along great, although the older larger clown is definitely the dominate one