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  1. Happened upon a LFS today by accident, so went in. It is owned and run by a marine biologist and his wife. In the aquarium business for 30+ years. Not much in the way of corals, but some of the healthiest and nicest looking fish I've seen in a store. Almost came home with a long nose hawkfish and a pom pom crab. I held off in an effort to stay focused on the task at hand -14 gal Florida Biotope. When I mentioned to the wife about building a Florida Biotope, Boy, did I get an earful!! "You can't harvest corals from Florida, it's against the law, and for good reason...." But, but, but...I'm not going to put any illegal corals in it, I promise. After telling me her life story and how she remembers when these waters were perfect, she softened and was very eager to help, pulling out old fish and invertebrate books identifying Atlantic species. An hour and a half later, with hubby impatiently tapping foot, I left feeling like Jan and I had bonded just a little.
  2. UGH! My tank won't get here until tuesday.
  3. I hope I haven't bit off more than I can chew.
  4. wonder if they'd let me dive with them and hand pick what I want! That would be so cool!
  5. Awesome! so 1 week and you're ready to go? With my current tank I used cured live rock and had a very soft cycle, so I honestly don't know what to expect using actual live rock. I guess I better start reading. Nano knows there are enough threads on cycling a tank!
  6. LP Aquatics? I've emailed KP Aquatics, waiting to hear from them on some options.
  7. I was thinking of using some cured live rock that I have, but I can't be sure that it's from Florida, and I want this to be Florida all the way. Wish I could just dive down about 50-60 feet and pick some up from the bottom of the ocean! Damn conservation laws!
  8. That's what I was thinking, cycle in a bucket and transfer over on the 10th
  9. Can we start cycling/curing dry rock ahead of time?
  10. Man, your gonna hate just staring at that thing for the next 19 days!
  11. I'd be interested to learn the answer to this. I wonder if KP Aquatics would have any insight?
  12. What happened to this tank and thread?
  13. Florida is great, especially under the sea! I do love the mountains though, and given the opportunity would probably move to the Rockies. I'm not sure what Sons of the Wind is, but Palm City is about 45-60 minutes north of me. would love to meet up with you if you go. Are you still planning to go to Orlando? O booked a room, but not sure if I'm going.