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  1. Hahahaha. That would be a waist of 💰 💰 💰
  2. Actually, just changing out the filter floss solved the problem. I guess it was a little clogged causing an overflow in the back chambers. Who knew! Automatic maintenance reminder 😆
  3. I feel ya! With this stupid, er, I mean stupendous tank contest crap, er I mean rapture stuff going on,I'm so far behind in reading up on all my favorite tank threads and journals. Like I have time for a second tank. What was I 🤔
  4. @Mariaface I agree with Leah. I would have scrapped everything and started over with all new stuff. Good for you for sticking with it
  5. My pin cushion urchin just died 😢 It was 7 years old. I guess that's a long time 🤔
  6. Wow! Just want to give a big shout out and thank you to @StevieT from InTank. Fastest confirmation of order shipped in the history of online ordering! 15 minutes after I placed the order it was boxed up and shipped. Thanks again
  7. Added the mated neon goby pair to the tank. They are hiding now so I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I'm a little concerned because it looks like one of them is loosing color. Can they spend too much time in a quarantine tank?
  8. I think this. Changed the filter floss and seems to be better.
  9. Do you think that's my only option? I'm using the rotating spin stream which I think the gorgonian really like. There is no way to adjust the water level all together in the display
  10. Does anyone know if you can somehow adjust the level of water in the display tank? It's coming up above the screen clips and causing it to drip out.
  11. @seabass has some experience here. check out his thread
  12. Thanks Stella, was thinking this too and you confirmed for me. Just means weekly reps to LFS for RODI