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  1. Pjanssen

    Frog Spawn, is this the mouth fully open or an open sore?

    Looks normal. Reef roids are pretty fine, but as long as you're not trying to squirt them directly into the mouth then the frogspawn should be okay. They generally pull what they want out of the water column. Mine seem to enjoy LRS-They get all puffy after broad feeding the tank.
  2. Pjanssen

    Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    No damage to the Linear Blenny? That's good.
  3. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    I looked over the head of the toadstool tonight and decided that it had attached itself to the rock that I had it rubber banded it to. I'm concerned that leaving the rubber band on will cause the toadstool to possibly split itself down the middle, so I decided it was time to remove it. I reached into the tank and cut the band. The toadstool immediately floated away 🤨. Had to scramble to find another rubber band. Still no change in the stalk, but the head extends polyps regularly now.
  4. Pjanssen

    Legomaniac's first reef

    Thanks. I think it's fine to put the name of a store you like on here, I would hesitate to name a store that you don't like though.
  5. Pjanssen

    Patbacks RSR170

    I would probably just use bulk carbon and bag it yourself. I've used Bulk reef, but I actually prefer seachem matrix. Save the GFO and/or phosgaurd for when you have nutrient issues. I guess fried food is just as bad for our underwater friends as it is for us 😄
  6. Pjanssen

    Tank Can ONLY Keep Euphyllia Coral

    I have had a similar experience. I have tried cyphestrea, pavoni, favites etc. and they never make it. Currently my tank supports assorted Euphilia, Zoanthids, Mushrooms and a pipe organ. I did have some beautiful acan colonies for years that did well but recently lost them for unknown reasons. I've recently added some montipora capricornus that seem to be surviving and growing. Other SPS including a birds nest and acros did not make it either. Just some suggestions on things to try. I think softies just like softies.
  7. Pjanssen

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Sorry, my bad. Didn’t mean to dis a father son moment. Go Dad!
  8. Pjanssen

    Hillbilly Lounge

    uuuhm? Did I miss something here? Sorry, most boring geo EVER.
  9. Pjanssen

    Legomaniac's first reef

    Good catch on that wrasse, I didn't even see him on the first look.
  10. Pjanssen

    Spec Reef

    Yep. Simple as that.
  11. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    It's still hanging out in he tank. It's a wait and see kind of project
  12. Pjanssen

    Legomaniac's first reef

    Looks good so far. Sorry you had to learn about LFS's the hard way. Glad you found us. What is the store in Jensen Beach has $5 frags, maybe I'll drive up some day.
  13. Pjanssen

    Hillbilly Lounge

    Plastering sucks! Hire a professional and be done with it.
  14. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    Came home after a very long stressful day dealing with in-law issues to this: