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  1. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - November FTS

    Even with your troubles your tank(s) are still amazing. To me it looks like one of the healthiest tanks around. I still haven't pulled the trigger on a monti, but every time I see yours I want to. Maybe once the anemones come out I'll feel more comfortable about them.
  2. Lobster876'S Contest tank

    Sorry about your thumb, hope it's not too bad. Cute masked goby-Yay for Florida fish!
  3. The awesome people at Innovative Marine have graciously agreed to swap out the Nuvo abyss tank that I won from the 100 days contest with the peninsula version and it's on it's way. Now I have to decide what to do with it with your help! Idea #1- Anemone and clown fish tank. This would be the simplest and probably be fun for my grandson to watch. Idea#2-Strictly SPS. This would be a challenge for me, as well as an added expense with a better light necessary and possibly a sump. Both of these plans will require some research on my part and will take longer to progress as busy work season is starting until the middle of February. Idea #3- transfer contents of BC29 over and break it down so that I don't have 4 tanks to worry about. Idea #4-...Bring it on!
  4. Not really. I did pick up a breeder box, but have no plans to try to keep Rotifer cultures or whatever I need to feed them. I'm just too busy with work right now to do the research . If I can get to the LFS which sell live cultures then maybe. It would be cool.
  5. IDK, There is a pencil urchin in there that I guess could be doing it. Seems to have slowed down a bit now, so maybe whatever it has has the rock built just the way he likes it!
  6. Looks like something got to the eggs. There are only 2-3 left . I'm surprised she played them on the glass like that, everything I've read says the generally lay them on the underside of a shell or in a hole in the rocks.
  7. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    Oh nice. We went hiking up in Palm Beach one day, took a ferry over to a little island. It was odd to go to Palm Beach, Sydney Australia when I live in West Palm Beach, Fl. USA!
  8. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    Well, none of what I hoped to get-just couldn't budget the new lenses, so...Some of the pics are from an Olympus underwater po.int and shoot that I borrowed from a friend. Some of them came out great-mostly the macros, and some not so great but I'm thinking they might be better if I get a good editing program like lightroom and learn how to use it. I never got a chance to practice with the camera before hand, so it was difficult to change settings under water. Some are taken by my husband and daughter with a Gopro, and some are taken by the dive guide that we hired and I don't know what he uses. Thank you for the compliment. I really want to learn more about underwater photography, and photography in general. Sorry Brandon, I forgot to pack the test kits, and never came across a store to buy them while I was there. What part of Sydney are you in?
  9. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    You definitely should! Wish I could have done more.
  10. Not the usual snail eggs, and the way the goby is hovering over them I'm pretty sure they are neons. Neon goby eggs by Penny, on Flickr
  11. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    Thanks, wish I had time to something more with the pics, but I'm tech challenged soooooooo... We went diving from Port Douglas, North of Cairns, to an are called Agincourt Ribbon reefs. It was amazing. Couldn't do any snorkeling from the beach because of the crocodiles! Australia is such a beautiful country. You are lucky to live there. My daughter is living near Sydney in Bondi Beach
  12. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    Thank you. For some reason the whole slide show didn't export to vimeo, and a lot of the photos are missing. Ugh! I'm so tech challenged! Not a lot of bleaching where we were. Some, but you can see that it is actually recovering. We did see a coulee of completely destroyed areas but our guide said that it was more from a cyclone the came through earlier this year.