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  1. Pjanssen

    What do you feed your BTA?

    ^ same. I don't feed mine specifically, it just pulls food from the water column. But Silversides are another option if you are looking to target feed. It is pretty cool to watch.
  2. Pjanssen

    Free Kenya Trees MDC and Homestead Area

    What color?
  3. Pjanssen

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    My bta has killed all of the lower heads of my hammer, and the rhodactis mushrooms won't spread to the lower part of that rock, but other than that everything seems to be fine with the bta.
  4. I think this is wonderful! The water will clear up and you may get a new coral out of it. Mother nature!
  5. Pjanssen

    4 different test kits, different results

    hmmm? But hannah is the crowd favorite. Bottom line is I think it doesn't matter. Pick one and stick with it and keep your alk consistent to that.
  6. Pjanssen

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    This is a great idea if the corals are out in the open, but how do you use this method for sun corals that are tucked up under the rocks? I tried sun corals once and could not keep them alive, and I'm guessing its because i couldn't feed them properly.
  7. Pjanssen

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - New Scape

    So sorry
  8. I use to love @Felicia‘s predator tank! Do it!
  9. Would love to see a current FTS. Mine looks a little different now. Lost all of the green macros, and most varieties of the reds, just one strain left that grows like a weed. Still keeping it strictly caribbean, but expanding outside of Florida.
  10. Pjanssen

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    Thats how I felt when I met him a Reef A Palooza.
  11. Pjanssen

    Bryopsis war

    Yep, same here. It works. If it's not totally gone after the 15 days, do a water change and retreat. Hair algae takes longer.
  12. I don’t know if your lights are too strong. That’s something you need to figure out pretty much through trial and error. Algae feed on light, so it’s just another control to be considered when battling nuciences
  13. I’m not familiar with the two products you mentioned, but Seachem is a good brand. Adding biological bacteria “eats” the bad bacteria that feeds the diatoms and other nucience algae’s in the tank. Water clarified simply bind things together making them large enough to be trapped by the filter floss. When having an issue changing your floss daily is not a bad idea. It certainly won’t hurt anything
  14. Your phosphates are reading low because your algae is using it up, but trust me they are there or you have algae. I don’t know anything about silicates
  15. Pjanssen

    Duncan full or sick?

    Its hard to tell from the picture, but I don't see an issue. It's normal for Duncans to get all puffy and almost close in/up on themselves after eating. It's fine that shrimp eat shrimp. They are scavengers and eat whatever they can get their little claws on.