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  1. Nice to see you back, always like reading your posts.Wishing you health and a stress free very Merry Christmas!
  2. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    Great! The original head is bigger than before, although shorter which was the main goal. The stem portion extends polyps, but it still just looks like a stem (with little green polyps on it). Definitely chalk this one up to a success!
  3. Where did she come from? I never heard of a hitchhiker seahorse before!! I feel like I've missed a lot. Love the new scape, you never cease to amaze me.
  4. Let me know - I have a couple fresh frags that I can sell for $10 each, and they tolerate two day shipping very well. I got mine from @gena originally, and she used to ship them via two and even three day all the time. She even experimented with cruel and unusual punishment involving leaving one in a bag for a week and sticking them in the fridge just how much they would tolerate and still survive Can you ship to Canada?
  5. Pjanssen


  6. Definitely you should! I got some of teeny's and some of @HarryPotter's awhile ago and they are all doing well. Not as pretty as teeny's (wish my Idaho would get that purple!), but I don't have the lighting that he does. Still. I'm happy with them.
  7. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    Zoas are much more difficult than toads.
  8. Well, considering the angel was probably 4-5 times the goby's size...?
  9. Pjanssen

    Ole G but still a Newbie

    first, . I might be concerned about odor/vapors from a salon contaminating a tank. I'm not sure on this but I think it's worth a little research to see if anyone has any experience with it-just a suggestion. Maroon clowns are some of the largest of the aquarium clowns and 2 in a 32 cube along with other fish is probably not a good idea. Ocelaris and True Percula would be a better choice. Check out threads for bc 29's and 32's for more ideas.
  10. He's not, but don't worry, He is only being exiled for all eternity. Fire ants are a genetic mutation of nature, sooooo... But he had the carcass in his den! Perhaps the goby planted it there ?. OMG, I have to rethink this whole thing!
  11. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    Wow! I just checked when I first did the hacking, er, I mean fragging-exactly 5 weeks ago today!
  12. Pjanssen

    Beheading my toadstool-Whoa Baby!

    Look closely, what do you see?!!!
  13. I'm thinking the crab is being donated to LFS. Now that he's had the taste of fish, he might prefer it and I'm not going to risk my clowns' or hawkfish's lives
  14. I thought taking the tank apart would be a good opportunity to get rid of the fireworms, but they were nowhere to be found. Stirred up the sand to look for them there. It is very possible that I just couldn't find them, but I'm also wondering if the crab could have eaten them too? It has been a week or so since I've seen either one of the two that I knew were in there. Anyway, what do I do with the Mithrax now?