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  1. Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Wow! You've been busy the past few months. Looks good
  2. Sharbuckles 40 - New FTS

    "Shars Purdy Zoas"
  3. Corals doing poorly

    Your corals look great. Nice pics! Can't really tell for sure about the specks on the back wall, but kind of looks like calcium precipitation.
  4. Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Sometimes reefing just sucks!
  5. What’s amazing to me is that 10 months later I’m still discovering things in this KPA rock!
  6. Noticed this little beauty a few days ago. Normally it pops back into its tube whenever I get too close, but today it was feeling brave and stayed out long enough for me to get a 1/2 decent picture! It's really tiny, maybe 1/16-1/8 inch diameter. Red coco worm by Penny, on Flickr
  7. Hope you're feeling better. Yep, hit me for about a month. Little cough still lingering. Tank sound great. Ready to see some pics again!
  8. Dawn's multi-level seahorse garden.

    Yay for the Mandy and cardinal! Boo hoo for the watchman
  9. Seriously, looking back at your tank, I can't believe you didn't win!
  10. Ack! I completly forgot that you had all that trouble with fireworms in the beginning. I wasn't panicking, but now maybe I am.
  11. Those are pretty mushrooms. I still say just leave the loner alone unless it will be buried in the sand. Be careful about removing too many nutrients too fast. While I agree your nitrates and phosphates are a bit high, removing them too fast with too much chemical filtration (GFO and Purigen and Chemipure Elite) can cause problems for your corals.
  12. mot local fish stores don't carry gorgonians, and when they do they seem to only be NPS varieties. Order them from places like WWW.KPAQUATICS.COM.