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  1. Thanks. Warnings heeded! Garbage
  2. Thank you everyone. Do I need to worry about it stinging me?
  3. How do you take a BTA out of the tank without injuring it and preferably not deconstructing the rock work? I think mine is too big for the tank unless I can get him to relocate.
  4. Your slacking is all forgiven giving the circumstances. Glad you are feeling better. Saw a couple of starry's in the lfs and hubby really wanted one. It was hard to say no, but every time we add a 4th fish to the tank it only lives a little while. So we'll just have to enjoy yours! I'll be needing lots of pics please. Oh, and videos. Thank you.
  5. Tank is actually looking really good without it anyway-probably better than it ever has. I just added my 1st SPS though and know they tend to like a cleaner tank than my softies and LPS. So far they seem good with just the carbon and GFO. I'll probably get rid of the GFO soon as well, I just had a slight rise of phosphates that I'm hoping the GFO takes care of. I can pick up more Purigen if I need it.
  6. Love the blenny Alex. They have so much personality. Tank looks great. Glad the chemo-clean is working for you
  7. very nice. I love the drop off. It's amazing how you took everything from one tank and put it into another so seamlessly. Like it was meant to be.
  8. It's in the garbage! In the time that I was sitting here typing and reading the odor was so bad! Couldn't be good.
  9. This is exciting. I have a 55 gallon eye-sore FW tank that I want to redo and turn into a planted tank. Really all I need is upgraded lighting, and better substrate. It's taking the time to tear it down and redo it.
  10. What else is in the tank that would be affected by raising the salinity to prosper levels somewhat quickly? In my experience, Xenia are incredibly hardy-I can't get rid of the stuff! Also be sure to check your alkalinity-that may be part of the issue.
  11. I came across small bag of purigen that I had pulled out of my tank a couple of months ago, but got side tracked and never got around to doing anything with it. I "re-generated" it according to directions, left it soaking for a day in RO/DI. I just picked it up and it smells. Like dead fish. I should just pitch it, right? Or should I soak in bleach a second time?
  12. Nice.
  13. Did you try the fluconazol treatment for the GHA? I think Teeney is having some success with it. It got rid of my Bryopsis.