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  1. @Christopher Marks I was just reminded one thing that I do hate about this phone... The curved screen... If you are slightly touching it just holding the phone and just browsing or something it will click on something if it's in the right spot lol... Other than that I love it 😂
  2. Thanks @Christopher Marks...I love this phone.. Photos are great as well as battery life.. And it's snappy. No lens adapter just put it in pro mode and adjust the settings like on a DSLR.
  3. Thank you.. Duncans galore 😂
  4. I moved a couple of @basser1 corals to the 20 fusion. Far Left side And just a couple I snapped I thought turned it pretty good All pics here taken with S10 plus in pro mode
  5. Thanks @Christopher Marks all the mushrooms, toadstool and zoa's came from my 6g. The Duncan's came from basser1 and everything else I've added to it since it's been up. Everything I got from basser1 is in a biocube 14 in the bedroom and settling in good also.
  6. The first is Gonzo's coals moonbow and the second I received today is the F2M Holy Grail
  7. Even more 😁 Thank you.. Hope your 12 long is doing good!
  8. This tank is about a month old. I sold off my 40b SPS tank and kept a 6g softie tank for a few months before moving into this. Started the tank lit by a prime he then bought Basser1s nanobox retro from him when I also bought his livestock. I ran the IM filter socks a few weeks till I got tied of washing them. Not I have intake baskets I bought from @dave on the classifieds here. Fish consist of a pair of Black Storm clowns and lps and softies. I also have a couple of SPS from Basser1. Back pump is a quiet one 1200 and run good and carbon in the intank baskets. Pics 
  9. sprite


    About a month old... Has the 3dReefing diffuser. Sold
  10. I use it.. using the same schedule as before with no problems and to me it looks a lot better than without it
  11. I hate to see you go basser1. I really didn't think this was the way we finally meet in person. I hoped it would be to trade frags instead.
  12. I bought a used 16 and notice the tray is missing. Anyone have one lying around that will part with? I've looked online and found just about everything but that.
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