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  1. P Sherman's ADA 60P

    Great looking build! Looking forward to seeing more.
  2. Suction vs Magnet Frag Rack?

  3. RO/DI Water OK For Ironing?

    It's actually better for it. No calcium build up in the iron.
  4. Help me pick a skimmer for Xmas gift

    Vertex Omega 130
  5. Vortech MP40W ES

    great deal. GLWS
  6. New tank need advice

    You don't need to test for alk,ca and mg while cycling. All you need to test is Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate (NH4,NO2,NO3). Your cycle should go like this: NH4 -> NO2 -> NO3. There are some articles on this forum about the nitrogen cycle that are very useful. http://www.nano-reef.com/articles/_/beginners/cycling-your-tank-r8
  7. skimmer, return pump, ato, frag saw.
  8. FS: Rare orange wall frogspawn/octospawn

    That's a nice frogspawn! GLWS
  9. Rare Hallucination Paly

    Ok, I agree that to be selling at $280 polyp without pics is a little sketchy BUT the hallucinations don't come out well in pictures. They just glow in the tank and it's impossible to capture how much they glow. I was skeptic about my friend's picture of his hallucinations at first until i actually went to go see them in person. They were under t5's (4xblue+,1fuji purple,1aquablue special) and man did they glow! I do agree that they are pretty over priced but if you see them in person, you'll want one for sure. GLWS.
  10. Kessil 360w vs. AI Vega

    hydra's are the new ones with the UV leds...
  11. Meat or Scoly Coral?

  12. NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    This is such a beautiful build! All those little details goes a long way! Can't wait to see this thing running!
  13. Oh Happy Day!