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  1. Guaging Interest In Redesigned Fuges

    I definitely want on your fuge list. I sent you a pm/email for possible custom job.
  2. Fuge On Minbow

    Well when you come back from vacation buddah, I would love one buy of your fuge's!
  3. Fuge On Minbow

    and custome one from me as well Reefer Buddah
  4. What does shrimp eat?

    I have a cleaner shrimp that caught himself a rosy red the other day and had a feast. The rosy red was a feeder for my eel but the cleaner shrimp beat him to it.
  5. Nerds/Geeks Where are you? Need help on idea.

    I can just envision a floating magnet glass cleaner with rare earth magnets retrofitted into it. You put the handle up to the outside of the glass and the inside floater comes racing to the glass so hard and fast it explodes the front of the tank.
  6. How to secure the coral?

    I have used Ross Super Glue Gel & Mr. Sticky Epoxy. Mr Sticky was tested on fish and says so on the container. Ross Super Glue has been tested and used by many reefers.
  7. Bristle worms

    Hey, Aiptasia you seem to have alot of good info. I have read quite a few of your posts (you post frequently.) You should try opening up your own LFS.
  8. Too small for a 15gallon?

    it's not a hijack, besides it keeps my post on the front page which always means more input. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  9. Bristle worms

    Get a six line wrasse. If you got bristleworms they got food.
  10. Too small for a 15gallon?

    From what I have read in a 16gallon high you shouldn't have any problem. Six lines aren't like those viscious damsel's. I would wait to see if someone can tell you from experience. I have seen many pictures with 6 lines and percs in them though.
  11. Too small for a 15gallon?

    What kind of benifits?
  12. Too small for a 15gallon?

    What about a Six Line Wrasse and a Bengaii Cardnial in a 15 gallon nano-reef? Each fish gets to be about 3 inches max. There is a 10 gallon sump/fuge involved. There will also be frequent water changes, but those aren't my questions. There will be about 30lbs of live rock and 15lbs of sand. That leaves about 10gallons of actual swimming water. If you use that ancient 1" of fish per gallon then there is 4 gallons to spare not counting in the sump/fuge's water. Could they be actually be comfortable in such a setting (both tank raised)? They are both semi-aggressive fish, reef safe, and compatible with eachother. Problem is those "claims" are taking account proper room for swimming, hiding, and territory. I think I just answered my own question... What do you all think?
  13. Lighting ideas/input for 15L not 15Tall

    bobioden, you tank looks great. I look forward to getting mine there. Is that Fiji and Tonga live rock? Thanks for the advice/input. Anyone else got some more ideas, I love to kick around ideas and have options from cheap to obscene.
  14. I am making a 15g 24x12X12 into a reef. I want to put ideal lighting into it. I don't want lighting to stop me from getting anything in the future ie: All Corals, Clams, Anemones, even SPS's. I am building a custom canopy so I can retrofit any combanation of lights into a large 24x18X14 space. Can some of you reefers guide me right? Airflow and temp is shouldn't be a problem, its been factored with spacing and fans and can be adjusted. Wattages, types, combanations, and brands. What about moonlighting blue or night viewing red? What is a good rule of thumb with lighting? I'm looking for all the responses I can get... Thanks