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  1. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    I started to make a stand of my lighting fixture recently. I hope it'll be done in this week. Dremel 400 Digital With Equipment
  2. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    Small break. (; From Our Prague Tour | General View 2011 From Our Prague Tour | Wenceslas Square 2011 From Our Prague Tour | Karlovy Vary 2011 From Our Prague Tour | Karlovy Vary 2011
  3. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    These livestock sitting under only one 12" Ecoxotic led strip right now. I did not attach my T5 lighting fixture yet. I'll be added my T5s after 1 week. People can use the LED barbs or LED fixture for more combination of color, yea I can say that. I plan to use 2x24W T5 with LPS and 3x24W with mixed tank. I could use a few various led strips on my nano reef tank with small budget too but looks like I'll go with my T5s for a while. My tank has same specs with ADA-60P (24in X 12in X 14in). I suppose its about 17~18g. Now I've 5x baby chromis in my tank. Yes, I also heard of it but nothing happaned until now. Their movements organized, following each other, acting each other, they seems to be fine. If you want to be with chromis, I would say that you should take them 4x minimum at that tank. Thanks for reading, Arthur
  4. Justin's Mini S

    This tank looking gorgeous man, congrats.
  5. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    4/21/2012 FTS - General View 4/21/2012 FTS - General View from Left Side Yellow/Green Ricordea Florida Looks like its good? Frogspawn Orange/Green Ricordea Florida Green Octopus Hammer Coral
  6. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    Thank you. Tonight I'll try to add my first FTS with livestocks here.
  7. peacemaker's Office Nano

    Your tank looks sick man, congrats.
  8. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    General View - 1x ATI Blue Plus General View - 1x ATI Blue Plus & 1x ATI Aquablue Special General View - 2x ATI Blue Plus & 1x ATI Aquablue Special As you can see in the pictures, I deactivated my protein skimmer to try my lighting. I thought lighting fixture would be nice on hang mode. I hurried about pictures, sorry about that.
  9. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    My lighting decision: ATI I thought 1x ATI Aquablue Special and 2x ATI Blue Plus will help me to lighting for a while.
  10. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    Modification of Tunze 9002 Protein Skimmer Silencer
  11. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    I'm glad you like it man. Looks like sumpless nano is my final destination. Yes, I bought my stand from Ikea with my wife. We picked white one and thought about some discrepancy with casework fitted with mirror. Our hallstand and doors are in white color, we thought it'll be fine. Now we bring the stand into consonance with our home lol. Anyway, believe me or not, I was scared when I start to fill my tank with water. I thought it'll blow out because I must be sure about that! At least, I filled up fully, I was calm down. Maybe I may screw a few spots on it later. Thanks, Arthur Great!
  12. My 10g Newbie Nano

    Nice build but sorry about your CF loss man. Six-lines is a good addition to nano, I hope it'll be fine. By the way, do you think to add a shrimp in your tank in the near future? They're amazing lol, I thought they eating each other.
  13. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    Great! I live in Istanbul. If you come to vacation here, I can show you around and make a quick tour for you. You can contact me before check-in time lol. Yes, its a shame that they dont deal with frags. Last night I met someone who making zoanthid frags in my country. I can buy some species from him. Looks like local owners my important hope which I never forget. Thanks for reading, Arthur
  14. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    I live in Turkey. Yes, there are some online companies here which I can order from them easily. But my point is that they doesn't have frag stock at all and thats my problem. They selling the large colony of SPS, LPS and Soft Coral. They doesn't have enough livestock as frag for customers. Local stores doesn't deal with fragging here because of they're cheap and fragging consumes their time more. I can find various pieces of zoanthids and other LPS species as a frag but Acans and SPS frags looks like impossible for me right now. The grains of sand appearance for reference.
  15. Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    I just wanted to make some test today. Tropic Marin PH: 8.2 KH: 3.5 Nitrite: 0 mg/l Nitrate: 1 mg/l Phosphate: 0.5 mg/l Ammonia: 0.01 mg/l Sera Calcium: 490 Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 25C Here some quick shots, they're hot. Nitrat 1 mg/l Ammonia 0.01 mg/l PH 8.2 Phosphate 0.5 mg/l I just dosing the Microbacter for cycling and adding RO water.