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  1. ID Please...!

    lol if that is an anemone, i wouldn't get it cause it looks like crap! wait for it to settle at your LFS and if it looks good in a week or two, then i would say go for it. Then you could also distinguish what tyoe if anemone it is for more specific care.
  2. What to use for an ATO reservoir?

    55g TRASH CAN ALL THE WAY!!! It really isn't too expensive and you can hook your RO/DI unit right to it! Highly recommend if you have the space
  3. Chaeto idea! :)

    did the same thing with my aqua clear. works great, just needs to be thinned alot.
  4. Under water video

    looks great! good video skills too!
  5. BC29 3rd cahmber water level

    You can only get your water level as high as the sponge barrier from chamber 2-3, unless u make that barrier higher or reduce the inflow, but that will make chamber 3 run dry fast
  6. Am i Ready?

    Have room for macro algae?
  7. Tank shot 11-11-11

    hmmmm ok. I was going to say frag that sucker and send me a piece! lol
  8. Nano

    Looks awesome! How many gallons?
  9. Skittles and Stix

    I believe some fish eat flat worms, like the 6-lined wrasse. Otherwise u can just ship them to me and i'll fix em up.
  10. Selling/Donate back to fish store

    That's bull. Go to a different store. You do need a license if you are harvesting fish, or inverts from the ocean, LR is not legal to harvest at all.
  11. Dry Rock or Live Rock

    done both, really like the way the tank with dry rock turned out. Aragonite sand, and small rubble with lots of coralline helps seed fast. My dry rock was cured in under two months. No algae helps, lol
  12. College Tank over winter break. What to do?

    You should propose to have someone come and feed everyone's fish on campus as a job over winter break, that's what they do at my college I got to leave the feeder with an extensive note on how to properly care for my two saltwater tanks, but if they can't they'll call me and i live a whole 10 minutes away and i can pick the fish up. I would recommend purchasing an ATO or just make a very large drip system. with small tanks the salinity changes fast when water evaporates. and the evaporation rate doesn't really depend on the kind of lights you use, but the humidity of the room the tank is. low humidity takes more moisture out of the tank.
  13. Tank shot 11-11-11

    yellow monti cap???
  14. Biocube 29 bubble problem

    picture? Mine does that, for me i need to add more water, freshwater because that's what is evaporating.
  15. Collecting specimens

    I do not know if that is allowed, also you can fit a lot of corals/ inverts into a box. just know how to pack them right, u can ask a local petstore if you need help figuring out to do it properly and they can show u how their stuff comes in.