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  1. Should I be feeding the pods in my new tank?

    I currently am not feeding the corals.. I have mostly sps with one mushroom frag and a green polyp toadstool (most likely moving out of the sps tank once i get my other set up). Doing a waterchange twice a week right now with Tropic Marin BioActif salt and dosing Kent Nano Reef A and B as well as Brightwell aquatics Magnesion (magnesium) once a day. So far all of the coral seems to be doing well as is. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on coral foods as well.
  2. I recently set up my new 50 gallon tank. So far i have no fish and just have some coral in the tank. I have an increasing amount of pods crawling around my tank. So, my question is, should i be putting something in the tank for the pods to be eating on to keep up their population/reproduction? Or is there enough in the tank for them to sustain themselves on their own? I have no immediate plan on adding any fish unless i happen to find the exact fish i want somewhere locally. So far i am focusing on the coral. Thanks for all opinions, hopefully i posted this in an okay location of the forums.
  3. Hello all. I recently upgraded from my original 15 gallon saltwater tank to a 50 gallon. After switching to the 50 gallon, i traded the 15 gallon for a 5 gallon spec which i had been wanting for a little while now. As any of you who have set one up know, the light it comes with is very lackluster. Anyways, i want to build my first official led fixture for this tank. Im looking at a 12 inch heatsink. I have tons of questions about the rest of the build. I plan to mostly keep sps in this tank, maybe a couple lps. How many leds total for a 5 gallon tank? 2:1 blue:white ratio? Royal blue or blue? Both? Cool white, neutral white, warm white? Mixture? Red, cyan, green, orange, purple? Any? All? None? To lens or no lens? Im sure ill have more questions along the way. I built a real simple 2 led fuge light so i have a little experience working with leds, but am completely lost when it comes to what spectrums to use for a full reef tank. Please toss any info you have my way please.
  4. Needing help on my first 50 gallon build

    No love already?
  5. Needing help on my first 50 gallon build

    Thank you very much for the responses. I do plan on buying the koralia controller at a later date, im just trying to get more of the "necessary" items out of the way first since i am unfortunately on a budget. Trust me, i wish i could buy it all at once. I'll see how i feel about the AC70 when i get the hob overflow and sump running. I just figured it would be extra flow and additional surface agitation. If i feel the tank is good without ita at that point, i'll scrap it. The only reason i went with the AC70 over the 110 is because i had a fairly new AC70 just sitting here staring at me. The less money i can spend the more i can invest it into other parts for the build. Good question though. If i keep the AC running with the overflow/sump i may change to a 110 at that point, since ill be wrapping up the build by that point. Ordered two koralia 750s today. Decided to wait on the (possibly) 425s. I figure since i have lots of other stuff to order, i can get the 750s in the tank and see how i feel about the flow, to help decide what size pumps i would feel are adequate for the rest. Plus when i order the other koralias and other parts im sure ill hit the free shipping again. Bought a thermometer today to see where my temp is. Im sitting right around 73° F, is that too cool?
  6. Hello all. Hope this was an appropriate place to put this topic. I am building a 50 gallon tank setup. I started with a 15 gallon tank and quickly ran out of room. I have a few questions on what equipment would be best for this set up, this is a huge step up from my first tank so im fairly lost. Details: 50 gallon tank (30x20x20) Ati 6 bulb t5ho 24" fixture Tropic-marin bio actif salt Aquaclear 70 hob gutted with chaeto The plan: Right now I'm running the AC70 with chaeto, i plan on having a custom sump built at a later date to maximize the space i have to use under the stand. Sump will be about 30 gallons all in all. Tank is not drilled and i have no plan to, sorry guys. I will be purchasing a lifereef hob overflow. I will be running a fuge in the sump. I plan to keep primarily sps, few lps, and few softies (rics). I figure the softies will be at the bottom of the tank where there is naturally less flow. My concerns: How many and what size powerheads? (I don't have money to spend on mp10s) 2x koralia 750 front and 2x k 425 back? When i do get the lifereef overflow, any harm in continuing to run the AC70? Thats all i can think of right now, im sure ill have more questions down the road. Thanks in advance for all the opinions
  7. setting up frag tank, lighting questions

    Thanks for the bump. D'oh, i should have thought of those questions.. Currently keeping mostly sps. I have a few zoas/palys, but i plan to finish phasing those out before i move the frags into the frag tank. Basically going to be sps, with a few random corals here and there. Hanging room is anywhere from sitting on the tank to right below the ceiling. Not sure on the distance, but i have quite a bit of room to work with to find the height that works best. Controller - hadnt really put much thought into it. I was planning on using something similar to the coralife powerstrip/timer to control when each set of lights came on. Im open to ideas. And thank you!
  8. Hello all, this may be the wrong place to post this since my tank isnt going to fit into the nano world, but hopefully you guys can help me out anyways (i much prefer this forum to any of the others i am on). I am in the process of having a larger frag tank made, i ran out of room in my 15 gallon. It is going to be 38x29x12 (you can thank the custom stand i have for the odd dimensions), which works out to close to 40 gallons. Anyways, im having some questions about what lighting to go witb since i have never done a legitimate frag tank setup. I was originally looking at a 8x 39 watt t5ho fixture suspended over the tank. Today i was offered a good deal on a 2x 250w hqi w/ 4 bulb t5s. Would this be way overkill suspended over the tank? I'd probably be running 10k hqi for growth and actinic t5 for supplemental color. Sound like a decent mixture? Now, stick with the original plan of t5s or go with the hqi/t5 combo? Hope to hear some good opinions.
  9. Fluval Spec V - My First Nano/Pico

    I'm so jealous.. I've been wanting the 5 gallon spec since before they came out. With more and more people posting pics it's making me want one that much more. Tank looks great! I really like the rockwork and light bar. Look forward to seeing your progress and hopefully one day i'll have one of my own to post.
  10. Qballs first grain of reef...

    Man, thats a really neat little tank! Both the tank itself and the contents. Keep u the good work
  11. quick filter question about picotope

    Thank you for the responses. I have heard about the option of trimming the impeller, i hate to do that because a) i'm not sure how much to trim off, i'd like to have a relative idea of how much gph i have on the tank, and c) i have some smaller aquaclears laying around. I know you would want to take off small amounts of the impeller until you get the desired flow rate, but since i have other aqualears i can harvest the impellers from it just seems like the easier option. I have an ac20 and 50 just laying around, so ill probably swap out the impellers and see if one of those seem like a good fit.
  12. quick filter question about picotope

    Hello all. Finally getting around to setting up my jbj picotope. Itll be my first saltwater pico tank, second saltwater tank. I'm still relatively new to saltwater, so wanted some input fron the experts. The tank is a 3 gallon jbj picotope. My question is i am building an aquaclear filter for it, i am using an ac70 for the water volume, however i am afraid there is going to be too much flow - what size impeller should i put in it? ac20 is 100 gph Ac30 is 150 gph Ac50 is 200 gph Ac70 is 300 gph I am probably going to do mostly sps. I prefer not to have to do any additional powerheads/fans. I dont want too much flow thats going to be blowing everything around and cause the sand to always be stirred up. Please let me know what you think would be a good match for the set up. Thanks!
  13. leng sy monti

    Sorry for the super late response.. I had to find someone who had a kh, magnesium, and calcium test i could use. I finally did, and without further delay i present my readings: (tested with API master kit) Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 pH: 7.8 Phosphate: 0 (tested with tropic marin) Calcium: 424 Magnesium: 1300 Kh: 4 (tested with jbj refractometer) SG: 1.026 I am a little overdue for a waterchange. Im going to mix some water tomorrow. I know its no excuse, but ive been busy at work. Not sure if the lack of waterchange would cause the kh and pH to test low? All coral looks great including all my sps. It actually looks like it might finally be coloring up. I'm starting to see the green in the cap and the purple in the rim. So hopefully it'll keep coloring up.
  14. leng sy monti

    Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5ppm (mixing sw to do waterchange now) Dont have a test kit for calcium or magnesium, ill try to get that tested tomorrow. Bulbs are about 2-3 months old Giesemann aquablue + Giesemann pure actinic 2x Giesemann actinic+ I'll try to get a pic of it later when the lights come on (i have them come on later so i can enjoy my tanks in the evening when i get home from work). I just have my camera on my phone, so I'll try my best to get a good pic. The coral isn't brown, it has color it just isnt as vibrant as it should be. Its green with the purple rim, both colors are just very faint.
  15. leng sy monti

    Bump. Anyone have any ideas?