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    Rimless Tank vs. Non-Rimless

    Bottom* joints!
  2. OMG I Love Korean Spice Girls! Agreed this thread has outlived its usefulness.
  3. I am in 100% furious agreement with you. The original post was written with a negative slant, and I take full ownership for it. It could have been done more tastefully and with better judgement.
  4. Failure is an event, not a person. Actually I'm very pleased with my purchase. It works exactly as intended. I will concede that "EPIC FAIL" wasn't necessary in the thread title, but it sure is an attention grabber. I mean look as all the (well thought out and intelligent) responses so far. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I will also concede that it took me all of 120 seconds to unplug my filter, cut the submerged plastic tab with a cutting tool, drop in the basket, and plug the power back in. Is it a big deal? No. So then why post about it? Because it benefits both the consumer and manufacturer. If you think this is smearing or name tarnishing, you're sorely mistaken. If a company is producing a sound product and has any kind of integrity at all, then constructive criticism is not only welcome but encouraged! Heck I've already received a "Thanks for the feedback." from inTank themselves. This is not product bashing, it's product suggestion/improvement! I was actually quite surprised how fast inTank responded to my original post, or that they even responded at all (I didn't even know they were a member on this forum)! That in itself speaks volumes about the company (their willingness to stand behind their product and address customer concerns). To the contrary, it's exactly these types of customers that are needed and appreciated. Field tested reviews are invaluable and benefit not only a company but the consumers. It's a win win! How can you fairly review a product without even trying it out? If you cannot understand the value of open public discussion, then I don't know what to tell you. I'm sure someone considering purchasing a media basket will research the product online. What can be better than seeing an open dialogue about the product between the consumers and manufacturer? (INB4 OP DIDN'T RESEARCH IT HIMSELF FIRST LULZ) Thank you! Some people who actually get it. And not just one person, but many. The design is very good now, I've even gone further saying it's the best thing available currently on the market. But it can be improved upon. It's up to the company to elect to act on this advice or not. If you want me to design a prototype to compensate for the tab I will. It's not hard, and the costs associated with this change would be negligible. In fact there may be several areas on how this product can be improved upon. The aquarium industry is still in its infancy. 10, 20, 200 or 400 years from now the test kits we use now will be laughable. The offerings made available to the public by the industry are meeting a demand. When we expect goods of the highest possible quality, we induce the industry to meet those demands. Why settle for mediocre? I got very concerned when I saw that emoticon of a person bowing down to inTank. You don't serve them, they serve your needs. It's their obligation to meet them. It's our obligation to voice them. Here's the real point I am trying to make. Everyone on this forum is on the same team. We all have an interest in this hobby and that is what unites us here. I may not have the post count of inTank or other long time members, but the positions I present are honest and truthful. The validity of any argument should be based on its merits, not on the image or popularity of person presenting them. If you honestly believe that I am kvetching & complaining and looking to negatively hatch away at inTank's reputation on this forum then please just do us all a favor and move on to another thread.
  5. Yes but some customers may have their AC110 up and running on a tank already. It's slightly more hassle when you have to take the pump offline and drain out the water and other contents first. Complicate the process even more with hoods and lights in the way and you can see where just "drop in" would be greatly desired.
  6. It's a very sincere and serious review of the product. Yes it is in fact noted on the products page, which I copied verbatim. The point I am making is in agreement with your post. The AC110 is different from the other models by having a protruding plastic tab which needs to be removed to accommodate the acrylic basket. A simple solution to a simple problem would have been to design the acrylic basket to account for this tab, making it truly a "drop in" style basket. For some users (many users), to modify the filter goes against the very concept/reason of buying a prefabricated solution. The fact of the matter is, that it doesn't work out of the box without some handy work Does the basket work as expected once installed? Absolutely 10 out of 10! Could it have been implemented better? Without question. To summarize, it's the best solution currently available, but could use some reworking.
  7. The inTank AquaClear 110 Media Basket doesn't fit in an AquaClear 110 without modification. There is a tab on the base plate that the intake tube rests on. This must be removed with a razor or similar tool for the basket to fit into the filter. I thought the whole point of the basket was so that you wouldn't have to modify your AC110! You could just simply drop it in (plug & play). You would think that with the all the touting of sophisticated laser cutting fabrication, they would actually put some care and planning into the design so that it would actually fit without having to tinker around. For the $82.00 price tag I expected more than simply a glorified piece of acrylic swiss cheese. I wa... I was.. disa... dis... disappointed.
  8. muffe

    Best Protein Skimmer Under $100

    I have an Aquaticlife 115 skimmer on a 10 gallon. And while it has broken in, it still puts micro bubbles into the display. Also the collection cup doesn't seem to be slinging any nasty gunk, zero nothing. I think it's safe to say if you have a small bio load, and do large water changes weekly (40%) there is no need for a skimmer on 10 gallon or less. In hindsight I should have just threw a ball of chaeto back there with a light. Here's what a week of skim looks like for me. Pros of a skimmer: 1. Aeration 2. Extracts dissolved waste in the water. Cons of a skimmer: 1. Micro bubbles 2. Another piece of equipment (power consumption, occupies an additional outlet socket, another part to fail) 3. Can add to the noise of the system. 4. Extracts dissolved beneficial elements in the water.
  9. muffe

    Tang question.

    Tangs are ich magnets. I don't care for those fish very much.
  10. muffe

    33 gallon ==> 10 gallon

    We have lights and an AC110 and some corals... AC110 just barely fit with the light. No need to cut impeller, just have it dialed down to lowest stock setting. With a larger grain substrate it's perfect.
  11. I was under the impression that you have to take the person to court in their region not yours.
  12. Love that in the first pic on the fist page the magfloat, a tool to remove algae, is covered in it.
  13. muffe

    33 gallon ==> 10 gallon

    It's actually 3 pieces. Thanks! Should I glue it together, it's pretty solid as is...