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  1. Venus Anemone Shrimp Odd behaviour, likes to clap his hands.
  2. Back from deployment, and moved out the barrack so now a proper pad. Using a 40 breeder stand (36"x18"x30") with 3/4 plywood top. All drilled, plumbing done, filling up now. Refugium is a converted 20L.
  3. Got deployed but will update when back. No more barracks room got a house. Tank is still empty.
  4. Acrylic baffles installed and painted the back of the sump. Refugium section is 19.5" x 12" x 6".
  5. It's a 17 gallon display. 3 years duty, when I get transferred or move out in town, I will have another tank already setup and cycled at the new place. RODI unit is in the mail, will fit under the bathroom sink.
  6. Staying in a military barracks we're allowed to have a small fish tank. We have a metal cabinet that is 36" x 20" with a 3/4" plywood top. There is a hole pre-drilled in the desk conveniently already This is perfect for running nylon tubing down to a hidden sump. 20 gallon long sump with rubber door mat to muffle vibrations A peak under the counter top Dimensions of the lower cabinet Can't drill or modify the desk as it's govt property so I made some legs to hold my hanging fixture from PVC. Bay doors open showing 20 gallon long sump. Display tank in position. Comparison next to a 10 gallon on the bed. The ADA booklet that came with the tank said not to put the aquarium on a desk top. I've seen other people do it. I feel the 3/4" plywood on top of the 36" x 20" steel frame is sufficient and won't bow. Is it just clever advice to increase sales of ADA stands or should I heed warning? I plan on using an ADA garden mat under the display tank. Drilling and more DIY goodies to come this weekend. Thanks for looking.
  7. Collonistas for sure! I personally like the look of Astrea and Mexican cerith
  8. Filled up a 3 ML syringe and applied it locally to the bryopsis. I went pretty liberally through the Kent M tech bottles. Just shut off all the flow and blast them with the M tech. You can put the pumps back on right after application. 33 gallon system with about 4-6 passive fish (clowns firefish chromis etc.) I had no sps. I had only lps, two clams, and zoas. Like I said I had no ill effects and raised about 100ml per day. Kept it at 2600 for about 6 - 8 weeks. Local application is key, no braodcast dosing.
  9. Beat bryopsis with Mg levels around 2600 with no ill effects.
  10. It is always better to post in an existing thread than start a new one.
  11. I never touch the substrate ever. People have been successful with various depths. IMO depth is mostly aesthetics and personal preference.
  12. That's an awesome macro shot!