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  1. Oceanic 90 gallon sps dominate tank

    Has 4 weeks been long enough to fully cycle your tank? I'm just curious what it looks like at this point. Can't wait for pictures!
  2. Custom 50G Led Build

  3. Custom 50G Led Build

    OK, so would you suggest all together replacing the Green with Cyans?
  4. Custom 50G Led Build

    Have an argument against true green? Just curious
  5. Custom 50G Led Build

    I have been building a 50 gallon tank for a few months now and it's time to start building the light and of course I want to go with LEDs. I built an LED with NW and RB LEDs for my 10 gallon a year and a half ago and I want to do a full spectrum this time to get better colors. I want to do 2 31" long heat sinks and 3 5" square heat sinks with the following lighting set up: The colors are: 20 - NW 14 - RB 8 - B 6 - TV 4- R 3 - C 3 - G Questions and comments are always welcomed
  6. 90 Gallon garden eel garden (reef)

    That's awesome! I remember seeing garden eels when diving at around 90 feet in Hawaii, so cool
  7. exosket's 40G artisan

    cool, thanks for the info!
  8. exosket's 40G artisan

    Can you post closer pictures of how you hung your lights and possibly how you set it up? I am looking to do the same thing with my current build and I would appreciate some ideas/advice. Thanks
  9. 47G Rimless T5/LED Hybrid SPS Tank

    WOW! That tank is almost exactly like the one I am building right now (30" x 22" x 16") with equal T5 and LEDs. Your tank even has the same cabinet handles that I purchased for mine a while ago. That's crazy that I have never seen your tank before and we just happen to have the same taste in set-ups. I definitely enjoy looking at your tank for inspiration to aspire to basically replicating haha. Well done
  10. Metal Halide style LED build

    Yeah gluing the LEDs straight onto the reflector is a good idea too, but what I worry about is that it can get ugly if I want to pull one off whereas if they're all on a single unit, the reflector retains it's condition if I need to tinker with the diodes. Denting and scraping the reflector is pretty easy
  11. Metal Halide style LED build

    Haha, yeah creating a disco ball to reduce the disco effect is pretty ironic. But I was thinking that with the different colors being reflected from varying angles that it would all mix better (i.e. some colors would be shining directly down while some colors would be reflected off the mirrors and have a wider angle due to the angled reflection) Here's a simple picture of what I think would be the effect. This seems like it would blend the colors better and reduce the individual color zones due to all LEDs focusing straight down on individual areas. Yeah I plan on drilling holes in the bowl between LEDs and installing a fan in the top of the reflector so it is blowing air straight into the bowl and venting out through the drilled holes.
  12. Lately I've been wondering if it would be possible to build an LED setup within a MH reflector to utilize the properties of the reflector to better disperse the LED light throughout the tank. I have a lumenarc reflector sitting around collecting dust and I want to use LEDs on my next tank build (around 50 gallon cube) and a single pendant emitting light from one point like a MH does would be nice. So what I had in mind was getting a small metal mixing bowl, polishing it to a nice reflective shine, and gluing LEDs all over it with thermal adhesive. Then attaching the bowl to the top of the Lumenarc reflector inside so that the LEDs on the bowl are both directly illuminating the tank, but also the LEDs on the side of the bowl are reflecting off the angled mirrors of the reflector and scattering throughout the tank. In theory wouldn't this reduce the multiple spotlight effect from LEDs? Here's a quick sketchup of LEDs on the bowl, which would go inside the reflector Thoughts, comments, concerns and suggestions are all welcomed!
  13. Austin Aqua Farms is awesome!

    I live in Austin and have met Matt several times. Really great guy and quality livestock. Still waiting to win something on his auctions too, but I'm not good at outbidding in the end
  14. RIP George (nems)

    How long had you had the anemone? Was it established yet? If it was 2 months or younger to your tank then it just never became established and its health gave out. The first few months are the deciding factor. Some anemones die under the best conditions in the first couple of months.
  15. Adding new Anemone

    That's definitely a bleached LTA. It will get very large and needs better lights and a more stable aquarium if it's going to survive. I would find a better home for it...