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  1. Caribsea Arag Alive - Hawaii Black Substrate. However I only recommend it if you have an all black AIO tank. I chose it on the basis of it matching the tank and stand. It's pretty easy to clean compared to sand, but gobies don't like it much. Thanks! Haven't really taken the plunge into SPS yet myself (probably because I haven't taken the plunge into high output lighting lol ) Thanks! Very simple filtration for the most part. It's still stock, with bioballs, I have 2 stages of Chemi-pure elite (trickle chamber). pump chamber pumps through a UV sterilizer. I also dose Vodka once a month with a single tiny drop diluted in WC bucket. I also perform intense siphoning of the substrate and algae scrape the glass religiously lol. Yes it is. Just got him a week ago. Can you see his first molt laying in front of him? He molted last night and is now twice as big lol Thanks!!
  2. Hungry for mysis.
  3. New addition.
  4. Today's FTS.
  5. Finally out!
  6. lol!!! I'm in the exact same boat as you! Just got a GBTA yesterday and it's been hiding in a cave all day
  7. Very nice shot!
  8. very nice!
  9. Hopefully this thing will turn some profit when it frag season.
  10. Another FTS. This time with different camera.
  11. Left side tank shot. In pic, AOG zoa, torch, clown, YWG, candy acan, kenya coral, gsp mushrooms.
  12. Thanks Guys!
  13. This looks almost identical to my previous tank! Except the toadstool was on the right.
  14. Bristleworm circulates my AOG zoa frag.
  15. Thanks Man!!