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  1. 2.5G AIO Cube

    Got the tank from Value Village for $15. Built the AIO myself using corrugated plastic, reef safe silicon, tubing and return pump.
  2. 2.5G AIO Cube

    UNIX based Reef Computer app I am working on. If there is any interest I can share code to github.
  3. 2.5G AIO Cube

    This is my 2.5G AIO Pico Reef Cube tank, I started it about 4 days ago. Filtration: - 2.6lbs of live rock - Hermit Crab Sand, "Crabworx", by Hagen which I soaked in the water the LFS packaged with the live rock for 7 days - Chemi-Pure Elite - Carbon Pads Livestock: - Whatever hitchhiked on the LR and survived LFS flatworm treatment Plans: - I'm trying to decide whether to get a fish or not, a tiny yellow clown goby is all I'd ever feel comfortable keeping. - I've ordered a single 12W Tuna Blue PAR38 ABI Reef Light. Right now I'm running the weak LEDs that came with the tank. - CUC - I will be converting 1/2 of my AIO compartment to a mangrove refugium, it's volume is equivalent to 1/10 volume of the tank
  4. What's a Shrimp Goby For 2.5G Pico?

    Hello, Getting back into the reefing hobby after a little while with a 2.5G pico I have setup which is now up and running. I have sort of come to the conclusion that the only fish I would ever consider keeping in the tank is a single clown goby or a trimma goby. Are there any gobies small enough to be kept in a tank of this size and can be easily paired with a pistol shrimp ?
  5. How Often to DO W/C on Biocube 29?

    Just wondering how often to do a waterchange on a Biocube 29. The last time I did one was about 3 weeks ago 30%. After that I added in 1 gallon every week mixed with Prime for ammonia. The corals are all doing good, and most of them are bigger than they've ever been. Plus there is very low amounts of algae on the glass. Is once a month acceptable (30%)?
  6. Lawn Mower Blenny Dying

    Just located him behind the LR at the back. Sadly, it looks like these will be his last couple of hours. It feels inhumane for me to take him out now, so I will wait an hour or two and monitor his gills.
  7. Lawn Mower Blenny Dying

    Hi All, It is unfortunate that I have to post this but I would just like some confirmation as to why my Lawn Mower is dying. Right now his body is almost completely white, he has severe trouble balancing his body every 5 minutes (contorting it and laying on his side), eyes have lost their color, he is very unresponsive to his surroundings. In my opinion I'm giving him about 20-24 hours. And at this point I don't believe a QT will help. I personally believe he has come to this because of malnutrition. He never ate regular fish food and relied heavily on the glass algae. I was so obsessed with my tank being spotless on the sides that I would perform routine intensive algae glass scrubs daily. All the other fish and inhabitants are doing great (knock knock knock), including a bi-color blenny who essentially eats the same food as clowns. Here's the poor guy about 5 min ago 2/17/2013: I just looked back at my tank now and he is out of sight. I don't want him in a cave for the final hours. Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts on why you might believe was the cause of this please share. Thanks.
  8. Lame Clowns.

    the ink would disperse all over the tank. Duct tape the paper to the outside of the tank near what you want them to host.
  9. Lame Clowns.

    Oh, well that's a relief. I thought my clowns were different.
  10. Flower Pot questions

    For currently unknown reasons, goniopora have a long history of failing to survive in the aquarium, often going into a slow demise for no apparent reason. The novice aquarist often buys a goniopora and then boasts of its "long-term" survival after 6 months. However goniopora frequently thrive for up to a year before declining. Typically they gradually fail to expand their tentacles and eventually either waste away or their polyps no longer extend. - Eric Borneman My tip to you would be to remove you protein skimmer if you have one, and to occasionally stir your sand up a tiny bit. Goniopora eat phytoplankton, this may increase the chance of them catching some. A healthy goniopora may extend it's tentacles up to 2 inches:
  11. Lame Clowns.

    Pic unrelated. My Occ. Clowns are not hosting anything in my tank. I have a GBTA, huge torch, frogspawn, GSP, Goniopora. They honestly have so many choices, and yet the only thing they choose to do is eat, and steal BTA's food out of the tweezers. I was thinking about trading them to someone for a pair of picassos, but they really like it in my tank, so I want to train them. Any help? My first choice for them would be the GBTA, but wouldn't mind them hosting the torch either. Thanks.
  12. FTS Biocube 29

    Caribsea Arag Alive - Hawaii Black Substrate. However I only recommend it if you have an all black AIO tank. I chose it on the basis of it matching the tank and stand. It's pretty easy to clean compared to sand, but gobies don't like it much. Thanks! Haven't really taken the plunge into SPS yet myself (probably because I haven't taken the plunge into high output lighting lol ) Thanks! Very simple filtration for the most part. It's still stock, with bioballs, I have 2 stages of Chemi-pure elite (trickle chamber). pump chamber pumps through a UV sterilizer. I also dose Vodka once a month with a single tiny drop diluted in WC bucket. I also perform intense siphoning of the substrate and algae scrape the glass religiously lol. Yes it is. Just got him a week ago. Can you see his first molt laying in front of him? He molted last night and is now twice as big lol Thanks!!
  13. Green Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hungry for mysis.
  14. Rose Goniopora

    New addition.
  15. FTS Biocube 29

    Today's FTS.