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  1. Yes, have done two this week, another 5 gallons on tuesday.... Acros still looking good, just the frogspawn closed up probably due to high magnesium, and now algae developing on the branches... maybe need more crabs to help clean it up.
  2. Algae everywhere, a pissed off frogspawn, skyrocketed and undroppable magnesium, bone sucking alkalinity.... so done with this aquarium.......... on the verge of Rage Quit
  3. I dont think the slim skim will have sufficient water level but that k2 looks like it may work! I think i can squeeze it in! Worth the $130?
  4. I have plenty of length to work with, only 4" of width to squeeze into, and 6" of water depth. Tricky one... Or i can try skimmer less and see how that goes, ill have to keep up with the WCs!
  5. Aye, nice... what the hell has happened to this forum...
  6. Hey guys, after 3 years with the Cad lights PLS-50 line... and few dead pumps, I'm ready for something new... i have about a 4" width to squeeze this guy into.... Suggest away!
  7. Its my second pump, i wonder if i still have the original i kept for emergencies... Maybe i can look at skimming alternatives... any nano suggestions? not much space back there...
  8. Well, another CAD PLS-50 skimmer pump that didnt last.....
  9. ??????
  10. Ive just left it for now, isn't bothering anything, and I'm lazy... I thought about posting the entire thing on classifieds here or reef central... think someone would bite?
  11. Red Planet by Jon Llama, on Flickr Red Planet by Jon Llama, on Flickr
  12. Brother and his fam are over in Wake Forest, just north of Raleigh. Great country area... so different than South FL. Ya no texture... it encrusted and encrusted and encrusted and i guess got so front heavy with the colony that it slid off like a pancake on a non stick pan!
  13. A wacky update.... Just got back after 5 day in NC... tank is completely perfect with one noticeable change. I found my 16" wide Red Planet, entirely, fell off the acrylic back wall, and is now resting against the wall still above everything!
  14. cool simple setup!
  15. Hi-Fin Goby by Jon Llama, on Flickr