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  1. 12G Long Nano Reef - New Rock Nems Babes!!!

    Love the tank, great job. Just a questions, i have the same current-usa light and was wondering were you purchased the plastic light stands or did you make them?
  2. Hi, mind sharing the site were you got them? I've been looking for one, but marinedepot.com is currently out... Thanks in advanced.
  3. April 2012 Reef Profile - Marc3Lo19

    sweet tank man... really liking what you did I really like the simplicity, i have a couple of questions just because I really like your setup and would like to do something similar. Where did you find that type of length for the tank? I tried looking online but didn't find anything, I would definitely appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. On your lights I checked out the bulbs here: http://www.rapidled.com/7-led-par38-bulb/ Did you also purchase the lamp clamp from them or was this something you found somewhere else? I currently have 24gallon aquapod, what do you think of putting 3 of these bulbs on top? it should be enough right? Do you have any heat problems? I didn't read that you ran a chiller, or is it because you are running LEDs that produce almost no heat make your lamp heat problems go away. Thanks for the help. Just started out about a year ago and I'm finding myself wantin to change my setup just from looking at your awesome tank.