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  1. WTT/WTS green ricordia flordia

    Where are you located?
  2. New Price: ORLANDO NANO 4 SALE

    Did you get 1000 bucks for it?
  3. I'll take the lily pipes. Will paypal asap.
  4. wow! impressive! wish you were in cali! hahaglws
  5. hey Qwuintus your inbox is full again. haha send me a pm with how much the blastos are.
  6. F/S Stomatella Snails

    Ooooo! Pictures? What do you mean by colors? Ive always thought they were just brown. Haha
  7. Is This Possible? AI Sol Nano

    That sounds like a good idea im just running my 12gDX Hoodless and was thinking of derimming it. I really like your sn. it made me lol. lol
  8. Yellow Clown Goby $15 PU Only

    Haha alright. thanks for the clarification. Im interested in the fish for my nano tho, if we can work out a price. haha
  9. Yellow Clown Goby $15 PU Only

    Oh gotcha! didnt get the joke. my bad
  10. Yellow Clown Goby $15 PU Only

    A little high dont you think? Hes 6.99 on live aquaria. just my feedback.
  11. WTB GSP 91343 CA

    I have a nice piece for you! Pm me! I have a nice piece for you! Pm me!
  12. Pm me too! Haha I'm interested. Any other kind of rica?
  13. wtb: Ricordea

    Hey if anyone from LA/ OC has any rics that they would willing to sell me for cheap say $5-10 let me know I would love to take them off your hands! Thanks! pm me!
  14. hey qwuintus! you're inbox is full
  15. Clownfish pair

    Lol yeah where is local?