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  1. Brunneus wrasse. Max size is about 3 1/2 inches. Super beautiful fish. I have one myself. You'll probably have to special order it though since it's pretty uncommon.
  2. So I bought 2 pretty similar sized ocellaris clowns (1" - 1 1/2") about 1 month ago. Since then 1 has clearly become the dominant one (female I assume), but at the same time it's been consistent nipping at the other, to the point where 1 of the ventral fins was almost completely gone. They've always swam next to each other, but when it gets close to night time, that's when the nipping starts. I've read that nipping is pretty regular, but since it got to that point, I separated the smaller one into a breeder box. The female is never more than 5" away from the box, but will the pairing work? Or should I try another clown? Thanks!
  3. I also bought Bio-Spira to cycle my tank as well once it gets here. LMK how it goes for you! As far as the source of ammonia, I'm using Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride, that way I can 100% control how much ammonia goes in. Either way you should be ready to roll in 7 days or so. Good luck!