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  1. Any body has pictures of their picasso or platinum that came from rich?? I want to see becuase alot of people that got it from richie are callingother names and they claim that they are dodonis hen in fact came from Florida out of richie's pair.why would someone say that?? Confused? ? Want to be like everyone else??? Or mis inform by the people that call theirs donis because that's what the buyer is looking for especially? ?? That just me I would like to know for my own info.i see rrcg50 hasn't been on this thread for long time.
  2. Elos120 for Sale

    That's a great price .
  3. WTB: Frozen Cyclop-eeze

    U can buy it by the pound well 750g for $55+shipping made by argent same stuff like in that bar but by the bulk .here in nj .The place is call jemhco.com
  4. WTB Picasso or DaVinci Clownfish

    I have a friend of mines in Florida he breeds some of the best picasso around. He has some kick ass clownfish right now.very reputable guy his clownfish are healthy and he dont allows any deformed clownfish to leave his place he has wysiwyg videos. Type rrcg50 on youtube and see his old production he's been out for over a year but now he has a few available .trust me you wont regret it.
  5. Would you trade for a micro tech 1200lx & a power base 2?bump
  6. xbox 360 15/games

    I'm selling my Xbox 360 . I don't play with it no more comes with all wires 1 wireless control ,wireless head piece, n 15 games 2 are in plastic the Lego games the Xbox is 60 gb Price is firm 250$$$ or trades, for a sol blue, txt me GAMES********************************* Batman lego (unopened) Indiana Jones lego(unopened) Magna carta 2, Rock band 2 ,Dance dance universe ,Guitar hero 2, Sega super tennis, Ninja gaiden 2, Dead rising 2 ,Crackdown 2 ,Guitar hero 3, legend of rock Guitar hero work tour, The beatles rockband, street fighter lV.Txt me 551siX553One7zero. Located in 07093 Would trade for a sol blue w/controller or a nano sol .

    You could check kmaintl in sf bay erea but if you think 200 $ is to much these are 250 $ minimun but you get what you pay for these picasso are like the samsung of clownfish picasso now .most breeder are introdusing these bali aquarich into their breeding project thats how nice these are. Colors pop.very vivid colors
  8. FS- aquapod set up w/ panorama leds! NJ

    Dammm that was the main thing I wanted lol!!! Thanks bro.
  9. FS- aquapod set up w/ panorama leds! NJ

    Trade? I have a cquest onyx
  10. WTB Designer clownfish SOCAL preffered

    Hit up ChrisBwoodysreef he's located in north cali reach him on youtube Lmk if u want his info
  11. WTB: Gladiator clown/s

    There is a guy in north cali he has a few Picasso with the"gladiator helmet" u can youtube him he goes by ChrisBwoodysreef
  12. ! New Book On Breeding And Raising Clownfish

    Well I have the book so far I'm up to the part (on how to pick your right pair) book is easy to understand no crazy scientific words,so far so good,it has big clear pictures colors,on how your et up should look,n alternative for people with low budget (Me) to set a set up for like under 60$kool book
  13. You are confusing the crap out of me , the mild Picasso are c-quest parents both onyx the extreme are from Richie's pair which I got from a guy in ny ,clear bro
  14. KC Aquaculture

    They look too small to be a breeding pair,if u end up keeping them break them up fix their genes with another clownfish example like with a jet black Darwin wild cought would be great if you can get a pair of mature ones good luck man.