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  1. The Keep-Downsize Coming

    How long did it take for your Cyano to be gone? Did you do the light trick or just do weekly water changes? I have a nasty outbreak that I think is related to it being a new tank. Hopefully your jawfish is alright. Mine is working on his second home. He lives in his first home but seems to be having fun making a second.
  2. The Keep-Downsize Coming

    Sorry for the bad influence. Nice stocking list. My clown has made it through everything. One of the major reasons for my upgrade is I got a bad case of ich in my 14 gallon. Your going to appreciate this story. So I'm learning a lot about drilled overflows. On Tuesday I get a call from my wife frantic ( I was too) because water is spilling out of the tank. So I had her shut the main pump off and it stopped the flood. Luckily she was downstairs with the kids when it happened so ~5 gallons spilled. So I came home and thought it was from a blocked filter sock and chemipure bags. So I took everything out. So last night I'm watching the tank and I notice the the overflow all of a sudden starts to slow down and the water level rises so I shut everything done ( no water this time). I look in the overflow and there is my turbo happily eating away. Needless to say he is in the sump now, he probably was the culprit the first time too (amazing this didn't happen sooner). So tonight I stop and get some leaf guard (wire plastic mess) to stop anything else going into the overflow. So i finish making my little plastic guard and at the same time I'm trying to find my bluespot. Can't find him anywhere. So I go to change my filter sock and there he is. Needless to say he is now back happily working on his home.and the overflow is blocked from everything except water. Have to love tank stories. If your looking for a cool wrasse my favorites are plain leopards. But if you want a flasher nothing beats in my mind an eight line male. I had a long finned fairy but it got to aggressive. Good luck with you bluespot.
  3. The Keep-Downsize Coming

    The three bluespots they got in were in all good shape. Two of them were eating and I bought one of those. Looked at him this morning and he had made a nice big burrow under one of my rock bases. No blue reef chromis just Greens. So what is your stocking list now? I currently have; Black Ice Clown & Large Ocellarius Clown (Pair) Lubbucks Fairy Wrasse Fuscus Blenny (Great Algea Controller in a new tank) Leopard Wrasse Marjorie Fairy Wrasse Blue Spott Jawfish
  4. The Keep-Downsize Coming

    I'm happy that she went to a good home......and guess what I get to see pictures of her. Are you going for 2 jawfish? I see you got a tiger one. What else is on your fish stocking list? I actually know the guys at Living Art very good. So if you looking for something special I can keep a look out for you. Scott helped me set up my tank.
  5. The Keep-Downsize Coming

    I haven't looked at your tank page since you upgraded to the 65 but it looks great. Story on your beautiful golden dward eel. Not sure if you knew but they (living art) had her (size) for probably 3 or 4 weeks before they put her in the display tank. She wasn't eating during that time. I had told them that if she did eat I would buy her. (One day spent an hour watching to see if she would eat a live ghost shrimp) But she never did so so Scott added her to the display to get her to eat.....Was there when he did it and he was like she'll be awesome display for the tank. So I come in the next week and Scott said he had sold her. You must have some pull on Scotty for him to rip apart the entire display. I still give him crap. However I'm extremely happy that she went to someone like you and that she is doing great. I'm going through my growing pains too, upgraded from a 14 gallon to a 75 gallon. Stocking list is going to be some unique/rare wrasse. As you know I already have one:) Also couldn't help but read your earlier post if you were looking for a blue spot, Living Art has 2 (they had 3 but I grabbed one yesterday). How is your clown doing? I believe we bought our clowns at the same time. My black ice is a little pig. Now I have to fix my overflow as my turbo has caused one + tank overflows (luckly someone was in the room when it happened. + was when I saw it do it and was able to stop it. Needless to say it's now living in the sump.
  6. Cirrhilabrus marjorie - Marjorie Wrasse

    Yes I think we are refering to the same fish store and fish. They recieved 2 in but lost one. So were you tempted to get it? Also nice tank, I was following your tank awhile back ago before you upgraded. I think we bought our clown fish the same time (Madison Frag Swap 2012).
  7. Cirrhilabrus marjorie - Marjorie Wrasse

    Cool thanks, was hoping you weren't mocking me. My LFS manager was telling me that he has only seen like 10 of them in his career. Granted it's a young career but he worked at Live Aquaria (Divers Den in Rhinelander) for several years before working where he does now. So I was curious as to hard how hard they are to come by now. He was swimming around and eating last night when I got him:)
  8. Cirrhilabrus marjorie - Marjorie Wrasse

    So is that mocking or do you know a lot about them? I understand they are a fairy wrasse and similar to a Lubbucks Fairy Wrasse.
  9. Our LFS just got one in and I being a lover of unique, rare wrasses decided to purchase it. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them? I know they are from Fiji and extremely rare, other then that not a lot. Thanks for the info.
  10. Clown Identification

    Will your LFS take one of them back and give you store credit for another clown that is a little smaller or larger than the one you keep? I know my LFS would. Also I've found my best designer clowns and best price at Frag Swaps, just a tip.
  11. Help me decide!

    If you don't want aggressive I would cross off the purple dottyback way to aggressive. My experience with Hectors and Rainfords is that it's a pain to get them eating and then to continue to eat, i.e., they do good for a little while but then a month or two they fade away. The six-line and royal gramma can also be aggressive too but not to the extent of the purple dottyback. I like the possum wrasse but they are somewhat cryptic. If you want a fish that's out and in front of the tank all the time your best off going with your clown fish.
  12. Bio Cube 14 HELP!

    It's a good investment, the media basket that is. Did you remove the sponge from chamber 3?
  13. Phishin's 14G biocube (first tank)

    Just curious are you using RO for your water changes or just tap? Looks like you still have quite a bit of algae. If your not using RO water I would suggested you do so. Another thing put your acans in a low flow area. When I had them they liked it out of the flow. The trumpet on the other had I would move to the top of the tank, mine loves light. Do you still have your hermit crabs? If not I'd try to find a turbo snail or two will do wonders on the algae. Hermits are evil to snails unless they are extremely small. Keep at it and try to get info from as many places as possible. That's what I've done. People on here would think I'm nut knowing how many fish I have in my 14 gallon and the type of fish but frequent water changes and attention to detail has allowed me to maintain them extremely well. You could do two banggai cardinal fish however I personally prefer other types of fish. If you want cardinal fish I would look at the red spot cardinal fish, you could house them with trimma gobies. Good luck; don't look at it to much it makes you go insane. Oh and I almost forgot you can get Chemi-Pure Elite pretty cheap on Foster and Smiths just look for the sales.
  14. Phishin's 14G biocube (first tank)

    Best thing you can do to control your water perimeters is to do frequent water changes. I perform a 2 gallon water change every week. It takes me 10-20 minutes to scrap the glass, change the filter floss, wash out my basket and change the water. So to answer your question I change my filter floss out once a week. I however cut two pieces and layer it in the basket. I noticed you are using Chem-Pure hopefully it's Chem-Pure Elite. I change mine out once a month. In addition I run a UV sterilizer not necessarily for clarity of water but more for killing anything harmful in the water stream that could effect my fish. I look at it as a preventative measure than anything. Good luck.
  15. Salt is salt, right?

    For my two sense on the subject. My LFS recently used a different salt in their reef tank and it was surprising how much effect it had on the color of the corals and just made everything look off. I know that some of the staff wasn't to happy with the individual (staff) that did the water change, i.e., trying use up old salt. So if it was me I wouldn't mix and match just to save a little bit of money.