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  1. Thanks! MP10 Sold and price drop!
  2. Now with shipped price and pictures.
  3. Trying to sell my slightly used items, everything is in great condition and shipped price but will entertain reasonable offers. AI Sol Super Blue with classic controller- SOLD MP10 ES (manufactured May 2011) - SOLD Apex Jr (no display but with wireless adapter) - SOLD Spectrapure refurb 90-GPD RODI SYSTEM new filters included - $120 shipped (I'll throw in a free TDS meter) Testing Kit,Saliferts and a Hanna Ph Checker ( I will only sell this as a set) - $70 shipped (I'll throw in two Salifert Calcium and Alk testers for free, no exp dates on those two though). Danner Mag-5 - $50 shipped JBJ ATO - SOLD I will ship as quickly as possible. I am a trusted ebayer look for bongsterr2010, no negative feedbacks with almost 100 positives. Thanks.
  4. Any Oregon Reefers?

    Coos Bay, OR here! I would love to trade but I am pretty far from you guys.You should check PNWMAS. Plenty of members do trades and sell their corals, stuff for awesome price.
  5. FS- sps, lps, softie

    How much shipping mostly SPS to 97420?
  6. $8 frags!

    Shipping to 97420?
  7. I am selling my slightly used ES-PSK-75 generation 2 Eshopps protein skimmer. I bought this skimmer December of last year brand new from Premium Aquatics. It is an awesome skimmer I am using this 12 hours a day since I set up my tank in December. You can see the specs HERE $85 Shipped/OBO
  8. FS: BRS GFO/Carbon Reactor / MaxiJet 1200 / Media

    Ill take the carbon.
  9. New to NR

    Nice holding tank! And
  10. FS: Test Kit and extras

  11. FS: Test Kit and extras

    Selling my API Test Kit plus extras for cheap. I'm selling my test kit because my friend gave me his saliferts. They were bought June of 2011, they still give pretty accurate results (compared them to Saliferts and Hannahs). I don't test my parameters that much so all are almost full. What you're getting: API Saltwater Test Kit API Calcium Test Kit API KH Test Kit API Phosphate Test kit Just paypal $40 shipped!