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    Can you find out from the previous owner what they were using for the light cycle? In not try starting around 8 hours daylight with an hour of moonlight on either end..... you may also want to see if they know when they last replaced those lights. It may be time to replace them again. A lot of people who buy used replace the bulbs in order to start fresh.
  2. reefNrod

    SUMP question

    One of the best things about going the DIY route is figuring out how to make things work. You can do it. Play around with the system and work the flow out to get exactly what you need. When you do go to upgrade your sump...go as big as you can.....
  3. reefNrod

    My LED upgrade.

    For a few months I have been using some PR25s from Orphek on my tank and I finally ordered their PR-156 and got it installed. I have been watching the growth and in the last few weeks I have seen better growth on my corals. I wanted this light as I intend to upgrade to a 120g in the next year and it will easily move over to the new tank. Here are some pics.
  4. reefNrod

    Dimming LEDs

    Orphek PR-25s in my opinion they are just the right color for an LED light. Not too blue and they make my aquarium pop.
  5. reefNrod

    Dimming LEDs

    It depends on the pendant. Some are made to be used on a standard dimmer switch but the majority of them say not to use them on a dimmer. Dimmable drivers are somewhat more expensive, which is why a lot on manufacturers don't use them. Mine are dimmable on a regular wall dimmer switch.
  6. reefNrod

    Evil PAR38 20K LED

    That is too much for that light to be in. See if you can remove the can around the bulb. Most of those fixtures are secured with a brown or black plastic lock ring. The heatsinks built into the light will not function properly in that fixture, this will greatly shorten the life of the diodes.
  7. reefNrod

    Menards vs online LEDs

    Most of the household bulbs at the local hardware stores are in the 6500k -7500k range. Some a little more and some a little less. A lot of them use Cree diodes and almost all of them have a yellow cast to them, evne the cool whites. Even most of the ones sold by eveyone online for aquariums use the same diodes with the same yellow coloration. That's where the blue comes in. The blue balances out the yellow and gives us a more acceptable color to our eye. The yellow range grows a lot of algae. There are some manufacturers out there that are using higher k diodes but they are few and far between.
  8. reefNrod

    Orphek PR-25 LED Pendants over other pr 38

    I think that you'll find the Orphek LED light is a good choice for your aquarium. I have been very happy with mine. The best thing is the Colors of my forest fire digitata. The guy I got my frag from has a huge colony that is mostly a rust color and in my tank it is a bright orange/red. Under the ML7 it is very bright red.
  9. reefNrod

    Orphek PR-25 LED Pendants over other pr 38

    LPSkeeper, In all the above posts all you got was a bunch of bashing of Orphek with very little real world info. I own 2 PR-25UV and 1 ML-7. I love them. The color is great despite what others may say. Please understand that color is a preference, not a good versus bad. I have been pleased with my tank and recently experienced what can only be described as a reward. We had my sons birthday party at the house yesterday and all the kids gathered at the tank and were oooing and ahhhing for over half an hour. Then the parents looked for a long time and asked a ton of questions. I got a ton of compliments and my son was able to tell his friends all about the tank. A couple of the parents sat in the living room checking out the tank for a couple of hours. That is a success in my mind and I couldn't have done it without my Orpheks but then again...I couldn't have done it without water too.....so..........maybe I should start thread claiming how good water is and how bad the lack of water is..... My corals have done well, growth has been good and I am very happy. I have also been happy with the customer service with my purchase from Orphek. I recommend them and will buy them again. In fact I am planning a 120RR build in the near future and ordered the LED Slimlines for it the other day.
  10. Ok, Looking at building a stand for the 120RR in my garage. I can go with a wood frame with oak exterior or I can go with steel framework covered by removable oak panels that make it look just like an oak stand. I have a friend who is a welder by trade and I am pretty handy with wood..... What do you guys think?
  11. reefNrod

    What are my choices for par30/38 bulbs?

    I'm was using 2 Orphek PR25s over my tank and just upgraded to their PR156 model. I loved the PR25s and the growth was good. You might take a look at them. I certainly recommend them.
  12. This link is to an awesome LED lit tank in canada. They are maintaining a huge build thread on another site and I thought I would share the pics. Tank is lit by Orphek LED aquarium lights Peters pics
  13. reefNrod

    led light strips

    I read on the Orphek website that they are supposed to be coming out with a high power Waterproof LED light strip. It has two rows and looks really good. If it's anything like their other stuff then it should be good. Visit My Website
  14. reefNrod

    Understanding Led's

    Yes the PAR 38s screw into a regular light socket. Here is an example of one way to mount them. I found this on another thread I was looking at as I am planning a nano with some of these. I am going to use the Orphek PR-25. Thats how I found this tank pic by searching for Orphek.
  15. reefNrod

    Switching from MH to LED.

    You're right Evil although I never had any luck with cheap fleabay lights on my frags and don't want to ever go down that route again. Thanks for the input.