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  1. HARLEQUIN SHRIMP - I got one, now what?

    I never have luck keeping starfish alive to regenerate, I cut a leg and they die. If I only get a small choc chip my pair decimates it in about a week. if I manage to find a huge one, it lasts forever. I just buy em as they need em. They're cheap enough to make it work.
  2. 4g Zoa Love Fest

    Thanks guys! I have high hopes!
  3. 4g Zoa Love Fest

    It's been way too long since i've done a nano or a pico. I'd fallen out of love with my biocube, after being used to store a few fish between tanks it got dirty and unappealing. Every time I tried to reboot it, it just didn't hold my interest. I saw the little eheim aqua style tanks and it got me thinking about doing something new. A quick search on those showed a lot of mixed reviews. So after some debating and some lovely black friday sales, this is my new tank, the Innovative Marine 4g Pico. This will be my little zoa pico. FTS Equipment Innovative Marine 4g Pico Boost LED Par 30 - 2 Royal Blue, 1 Blue, 1 Cool White, 1 Neutral White, 60 Degree Optics Teeny Tiny Tetra Heater Livestock Pet Rocks
  4. My bi color blenny used to love to do that. we'd have to submerge all the rock because he'd never make himself known. We moved him tank to tank in his rock. He finally didn't survive the last move.
  5. 90g Mixed Reef Build

    What happens when I go to Florida to visit friends.... peectarz Dendro trying its hardest to open Mohawks florida oranges favia thinger lookin' hot pearlberry uncolored rainbow mille strawberry shortcake atlantis hyacinth tabling acro Edit: pink boobies blue mille (not quite blue yet) the Mark blend candy apple reds impossible to see rasta :/ this is something i've never posted before. It was sold me as a pink mille which I find suspect but the colony was pretty and it's finally colored up! The goniopora my bf picked up for me while I was picking up the rest of this! New FTS
  6. Zoanthids deflate when fragging?

    every z/p i've ever fragged has done this.
  7. coral id plz

    Looks like a candycane and some zoas to me
  8. blown out of proportion

    when I have extras I sell them
  9. Tiny, TINY zoa/paly?

    kinda looks like teeny galexia
  10. Ricordia not doing so good

    Depending on what stock it, it sounds like not enough.
  11. Zer0's 25G Trimless LED Cube

    Glad you didn't lose everything!
  12. 90g Mixed Reef Build

    Bingo. They're on the standard rails. We have a vaulted ceiling in the room with the tank so hanging is a bit difficult On another note, my clementines and hornets came in yesterday! Two zoas i'm very excited to have.
  13. Office tank: Elos Mini

    My AIs didn't come with a lobster! I feel gypped.
  14. what sand do i want!?

    I LOVE my Marco Rocks fine sand. It's amazing.