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  1. Small 3g Freshwater

    yeah everyones telling me oh my god get this fertilizer for your plants etc.. im putting in under 10 plants and a couple fish/dwarf shrimp. is a fertilizer necessary seriously? It seems complicated for a FW. I think I will get the Fluorish and Fluroish excell to provide good nutrients for them.. but still iffy on the fertilizer.
  2. Small 3g Freshwater

    I don't need the moss ball but those other ones would be sick! I'd pay shipping. Will they live?
  3. Small 3g Freshwater

    So, I'm gonna get some flake food right now and sprinkle some in then test and wait a while, but I was planning on buying a couple live plants right now as well and the driftwood just to get started. About the dwarf shrimp, that website up there only sells them in like packs of 5 or 10. You're saying I can't get more than 1 of each color? Or they will just start making ugly brown babies? ...Why would they sell them in packs of 5 then! :\ That just %&s on everything, haha. I'm gonna look up what your plants look like but I would love to have them. How much is shipping?
  4. Small 3g Freshwater

    Thanks for the info. I was inspired by the exact same tank as mine that they had on display at a LFS, they had it setup really neatly with lots of plants and a few smaller guppies (i think maybe 1-2 tetras) and a bunch of teeny red shrimp that I'm definitely going to look into, probably red cherry shrimp but just glanced at them. Kinda wanted to mimic what they had going on. also gonna put a little piece of driftwood coming up from the back. What lobsters can go into a 3g? I plan on buying a couple freshwater plants right now (gonna run to an LFS instead of petsmart) and some flake food and put a tiny bit of food in to make sure my cycles going good Dude that is a great website, thanks. Im gonna look into buying some shrimp from there later on. Im afraid 10 shrimp might be too much and thats one of the smallest quantities they will ship in. I might go with 5 of those blue ones. but I wanted to maybe throw in one of the red ones from my LFS, but i dont think those 2 are compatible
  5. For those with rimless tanks

    some fish are more likely to jump than others. you could try sticking with species that are less jumpy, but in general having a rimless tank with no lid will always be a risk -- unless you make or provide a lid/covering of some sort, which then defeats the purpose of having a rimless sometimes even lids don't do the trick, i had an 8" eel jump out of the tiniest of holes in a lid once... you'd just have to rest the eggcrate ontop of your tank, i guess?
  6. Small 3g Freshwater

    I mean.. whereever I read it says about a week is fine. Im gonna go to the store and pick up some pH tests and food to put in though. and some more Nutrafin cycle. but it's ok to put live plants in now? why? this is what I put in the first day, so I just assumed it had already gone through some kind of cycle. i guess its some kind of powerful responsive ammonia/nitrite elimination cycle thing, but my tank is teeny so I literally only put in.. 3 ml? lol im going to petsmart to pick up some ph tests/flake food... should i get something else?
  7. Small 3g Freshwater

    a month for a tiny 3g freshwater? I've never heard of waiting a month for freshwater... on websites or at any LFS. Thank you for the response. Guess I'll wait for more. Different LFS's (2) said to wait about a week to start putting in a couple tetras/plants.... a month seems long for this. anyone else? I used to be pro at keeping freshwater (years ago, forgot a lot), but I let a 50g cycle for a week and had an extremely successful tank that lasted for 5 years with no deaths... anyone who has knowledge in freshwater have any say?
  8. Small 3g Freshwater

    Had to take my saltwater down, too time-consuming. Couldn't stand the thought of not having any fish in my room after having them for about 7 years, so I got me a tiny 3gallonish freshwater. I set it up on Saturday with good water, the subtrate, pump, little filtration system... how long do I have to wait to put some fish in there? I only have my saltwater test kit but I was able to use the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate tests, all are at 0, well the nitrate is somewhere inbetween 0 and 5 ppm. Obviously, I'm pretty sure the pH is gonna be fine but I'm about to run to pick up some of those tests. I put in some Nutrafin Cycling stuff the first day of setting up (Saturday) but haven't put in anything else since then. No tester fish or anything. I was thinking since the levels are OK and this isnt as complicated as saltwater I was good to put my fish in. Just getting really basic tiny fish like guppies and stuff, and it will be with live plants. Am I good to go or am I waiting for some big boom of bacteria that may have not happened yet (this is the first time I've tested anything) P.S. no tapwater in this, only the nice freshwater from LFS
  9. Andy's jbj 28 nano cube

    its clear that guy did no research at all... are you serious. that is a serious case of overstocking. he's gonna kill all those fish.
  10. im selling my nanocube 28g led. the stands are such pieces of crap.
  11. Haha, get a truck and it sounds like a road trip!
  12. Lots o views! people do not be scared. I dont want a lot for it.
  13. This is a full JBJ Nano-Cube setup, 28 gallon LED Edition. This comes with the original owner's manual. Comes with an 89 watt LED system, with a 24 hour light cycle built-in. Daylight = 25 x 3 Watt -- 14k Dawn/Dusk = 4 x 3 Watt -- Actinic / 466 nm Moon -- 2 x 1 Watt -- Nite-Vu/ 456 nm It still has the stock dual return pumps, both working fine. What you're paying for:: = The tank, the stock stand it comes with. Throwing in a : = InTank Media Basket! This size is made for the JBJ 28g Nanocube, do not worry about fitting! = ATC Portable Refractometer (this is a nice one that I got for $70, comes with its own very nice case) Now for the freebies... (all of this stuff is included. I don't need it so you don't need to pay for it, this is my last saltwater setup so no use for it) Tests: = Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit = Various tests for Ammonia, high range pH, Calcium, KH. I'm not really sure what's in there but it's those drip tests. If you don't want them just let me know. = Fluval 150W Heater CHEMICALS:: (if you don't want it, let me know, but there is a good lump of money in all of these chemicals!!, they are expensive!!) = Precision Iodine (raises iodine, ideal for marine fish & reef aquariums) = Kent Marine Strontium & Molybdenum Supplement = Kent Marine Coral Accel (hard & soft coral growth stimulator) = Kent Marine Tech I (long acting iodide supplement) = Salifert Liquid Magnesium (Makes high calcium concentration and alkalinity possible, promotes growth of all inverts) = Salifert Coral Calcium (boosts coral and coralline algae growth) = Reef Carbonate (raises carbonate alkalinity) = ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System (Component No. 1 Alkalinity) = ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System (Component No. 2 Calcium) = About half a container left of Purigen = 3/4 Left of Marine Buffer (safely raises & maintains pH to 8.3) = Full box of Aiptasia-X! (comes in original box, with syringes and directions, used once) = DrTim's Aquatics One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria, to use when setting up a new tank (removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, naturally), "eliminates new tank syndrome", full bottle $15 value ----- = x2 Light Timers for the Lighting System (bought separately at Home Depot or something. I've never personally used them.. never got around to it, but I'm sure they will be fine. They're free anyway!! = A few sheets of the poly filter floss from InTank Media to put in that first chamber of your basket. Why not? One of them is cut out of, since I used some a couple times. I have cleaned this thing out best I can ladies and gentlemen. I have owned it for about 15 months. As I started college, I had less and less time for it so I literally had no time to do water changes, so it got a bit algae-y. There is PINK CORALLINE on the back of it. I know this is desireable to some, undesirable to others, I will let you decide. I thought it looked pretty. If it's not sparkly clean and I missed a spot, I apologize in advance. But this tank is full functioning and there is actually nothing wrong with it... I'm just busy. This is pick-up only for obvious reasons. Shipping this thing with the stand seems like it would be way too much time. I will bring it to my dad's place of work in the San Fernando Valley (Chatsworth, to be exact), because my place is more near Thousand Oaks. Price? I'm not sure. What's all of this worth? I can't remember correctly, but I'm pretty sure I paid around $500 for it. I'm just looking for some feedback, BUT YES IT IS FOR SALE DEFINITELY. The bads: it's been used for over a year, folks. There is obvious wear in some areas, most notably the stand. Pictures are provided, but one time when I was on vacation, certain events happened with my fish babysitter and the tank overflowed and caused some water damage to the stand. It's still presentable and 100% functional, it's just in a pretty used condition. What you're paying more for is the tank... I did a quick cleanup on it. That's all. I heavily advise YOU rinse it out and clean it up to your standards, although how clean the inside of the tank glass is won't matter once you start filling it. -The door to the stand does not close fully. -While cleaning, my effen mom broke the top off. It still opens and closes, but won't just stand there when it's being propped up. We're working on fixing it fully to get that part just like new again. One side: The front (yes, there is coralline) The other side: The wear on the stand, goes all the way around Some minor wear on the tank, some of the paint near the back chipped off?: Bunch of stuff it comes with for free I'm open to any questions you want to throw at me. **THIS TANK HAS OBVIOUSLY BEEN USED. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A BRAND NEW LOOKING TANK, this is not it. I'm not asking for a lot. Thank you!