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  1. FTS/FES Thread for The Official 3 and Under Pico Contest

    Here's mine FTS FES
  2. FTS-FES

    Yeah sorry fat fingered it
  3. Pauls 3 Gal Entry

    Thanks mini dude I was not shure on the light did not think I had enough time for a DIY led
  4. Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    I'm in I posted FTS FES on pico thread as well
  5. FTS-FES

  6. Pauls 3 Gal Entry

    Hello Everyone Thought I would give a pico a try Tank Radius 3 Gal Filter Cascade 80 for now Heater Tetra HT10 Lighting Reefbrite 12" 50/50 FTS FES Started tank on 3/26/12