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  1. What size are the picassos? When was the last time they laid a nest? Thanks

    Do you still have that black and White pair? PM me if you do and maybe we can trade.
  3. ORA Golden Nugget Maroon Clowns....

    Thanks for the input everyone. Guess I will pass on this one.
  4. ORA Golden Nugget Maroon Clowns....

    Thanks. There is one on DD right now. Can I get opinions on it. Does the tail look funny? Also does this one have an under bite?
  5. ORA Golden Nugget Maroon Clowns....

    I want one. Anyone know where I can get one?
  6. Close Please.

    Where are you located?
  7. Picasso Clown FS Miami $75

    Hi. Nice fish. What is the lineage?
  8. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Those are awesome. What type/name brand Picassos are they? They look different from the usual ones I see.
  9. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    That's awesome!!!! Can you post a pix of the parents? I am sure everyone would love to see them.
  10. FT Darwin B&W misbar clownfish

    He lives in New Jersey
  11. New clown not eating after 8 days

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Sounds like you did everything that I know of. Do they still have their 14 day guarantee?
  12. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Do you still leave your lights on your larvae tank 24/7 until meta?
  13. Crooks Clownfish

    Whats the price of these?
  14. FishEye "Buckshot" Snowflakes

    Beautiful fish. Can I buy this one please?
  15. ok I was doing it wrong. Got it to work. Nice fish!! I wish I could just buy one. Let me know if you decide to sell the pairs individually. GLWS