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  1. the little white things are all over the tank. they are moving all over the glass and swimming around in the water
  2. i have had my tank up for about 5 weeks now and i am starting to have little patches of algea popping up on my glass. the algea kind of looks like little patches of glass. after looking at them very closely i see that there are little white things crawling all of the glass. they are also swimming around in the water. the best way i can describe it is that it kind of looks like dandruff. what should i do to get rid of it. i was also wondering how many hermit crabs/snails are to many for a 12 gallon tank
  3. pumping xenia help

    i bought i pumping xenia yesterday and put him my tank. i left to go too my girlfriends house and it seemed to be doing fine. when i came home today and turned my light on it looks like all of the little flower looking things on the end of the arms are all open and wilted looking. i'm sure this is not normal. is this dead or is there something i can do. all help is appreciated
  4. New To SW ... Help Me Along

    try and get a male and female clown fish. as they start to get older if they are both males they will fight with each other. i would hate to hear about one of them offing the other
  5. rocks have arms?

    i was looking at my tank today and i noticed that in several places there were these clear arms coming out of my rock. they would come out of the rock and run across the sand. they would then pick of grains of sand and then pull them back in with themselves. does anyone know what these are? thanks
  6. tank cycling

    thanks appreciate it
  7. tank cycling

    i was just wondering if i should keep my light 24/7 while cycling my tank? also while the tank is cycling should i do a weekly water change? thanks
  8. i have to get a akalinity test kit and the live rock. once i obtain these things what are steps to set up the tank?
  9. I recently purchased a 12g nano cube from jbj. I want to set this tank up as a micro reef tank. I have been running a 46 gallon bow front for African cichlids for about a year now but I have no idea on how to set up my nano cube. Can someone please help me on how I should go about setting up this tank? thanks