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  1. little update! I have been able to finish making the filter sock version so I have silencers ready to be printed for either the intank floss holder or the filter sock! This design should fit all sizes of C-Vue tank! I am not currently printing them on PETG which is reef safe plastic and I am not trying to figure out how to get the strongest print with this material!
  2. Sorry, I have been traveling for the holidays. Melson, I am sorry, but I am still thinking about if I am going to make the .stl file shareable. Once I work out the kinks and get a nice final product, I will be happy to print and send you some. I am about to start experimenting with printing PETG to get a fish safe product.
  3. Thank you. Yeah, I was thinking about raising the water level, but I like a lower water level. Less chance of things overflowing/flooding and it keeps the tank running as designed. 3D printing is a whole new world/ball game to making aquarium parts! I was able to whip up that design in about a day, but the printing slowed me down!
  4. *Edit* So I am now feeling comfortable with my final product. I am willing to sell them for $10 for the floss holder and $11 for the filter sock versions (filter sock takes $1 extra of material). If anyone is interested in buying them message me separately. I am currently only printing in black, but I am thinking about using neon orange and green in the near future. Also new video of them! Hey guys! So I have had the C-Vue 26 for about 6 months now. I love the tank, but a lot of people have been having the same complaint as I do. The water volume into the back of the tank is quite loud. So I replaced my filter socks with Intank floss holders. They helped a little, but it was still too loud. I then decided to design a 3d print for a water silencer to stop the trickle sound. I have finally done it for the floss holder and am working on a version for the stock filter sock now! Check it out. Check out the video and pictures of it: Here is what it looks like in the tank. Let me know what you think about the idea, and I will keep everyone updated as I edit the filter sock version.
  5. Absolutely! That was my plan. I was thinking about talking with some acrylic people about doing one in acrylic, but I am unsure if acrylic would look good, or if ABS is fine. I know ABS will be much cheaper... Would you want the ones for the filter sock or are you planning to get the in tank floss holders or baskets?
  6. I am very happy with it! I built three different prototypes before I got one that works well. I am currently printing a second one for my other overflow and have moved on to making a prototype for a silencer for when running filter socks. If things go good I am going to get someone to print me some on ABS and install them full time. Right now I just have them on PLA so they are not the best to run 24/7. I'll post a video of how things sound once I get the second installed.
  7. Some updates on my tank. I have just been working to do weekly 5 gallon water changes to get rid of this algae. I have also 3d printed some prototype water silencers for my in tank floss holders, so now my tank is silent!
  8. I am really sorry nanoduce, but I have decided not to sell these off. I forgot to take down this fourm. Mods please close this thread
  9. No, mine does not. It water tight
  10. Hey everyone! I have been working on an instagram and was interested to see how many of you guys have instagram accounts. I understand forums are better for the details and comments on each tank, but I think using instagram is an awesome way to reach new people and push them to forums. What is everyone's thoughts on this, and how many people have instagram accounts for their tanks?
  11. The quality on the tank is great. It seems like they were able to squeeze the silicone between the two angled edges. You can actually feel it on both sides of the glass. It was well done.
  12. Hey guys. I just wanted to show my C-Vue 26 gallon tank build I have been running for the past 6 months. Equipment list: Lighting: 2 Kessil A80 Heater: Neotherm 75 Watt Flow: RW-4 Skimmer: Tunze 9001 Filtration: 2 InTank Baskets with filterfloss Controller: Apex Jr - Controls leds and ATO - Monitoring Salinity and Temp Stocking List: Fish: TBD Corals: -Mushrooms -Zoanthids Inverts: -BTAs -Peppermint Shrimp -Emerald Crab Keeping the tank mates simple! Current FTS 10/17/18: I upgraded my 10x10x10 cube to this system when I saw Cobalt come out with this tank. I love IM tanks, but the guys at Cobalt did a great job in building a well thought out tank. Here is a picture of my old Pico before I upgraded. Now to the C-Vue aquarium! My first online purchase of a tank, and it seemed like the UPS delivery man didn't want me to be happy. It looked like the guy kicked the box right in the center of the tank shattering it into many pieces. Things were much better second time around! Now to build a stand. I wanted to build my own to save a little money and make the stand exactly how I wanted. Half way done! Now we are getting somewhere! I also build a DIY tank lid instead of going with Cobalt's glass lid option. A couple weeks later I got the tank rolling thanks to Jake Phillips at Biota for letting me find a cool rock to match the other rock work that came from my pico. Now one move from FL to NC, Three trips for two weeks each to make baby corals (My masters research project), one heater cracking in the tank, and a mass die off of four fish due to marine velvet. I am currently here today working to clean up the tank and make the inhabitants happy again. The Intank baskets and Tunze skimmer are here to help my filtration along with my weekly 5 gallon water changes. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts!