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  1. very purple! what's your secret?
  2. looks like frogspawn to me.
  3. Nice looking avatar
  4. lol. that is sweet!
  5. nice! you've got me strongly considering going bare bottom now...
  6. not positive but think they are called red planet.
  7. kranky1188 took the words right out of my mouth!
  8. was going to say, that isn't a brain coral.
  9. FTS

    I for one like GSP. I think they look nice in your tank. anymore though might be too much. for now, the tank looks clean and healthy. =)
  10. great looking tank. but that frag rack is a big eye sore.
  11. now, THAT's rainbow!
  12. also thought it was an actual flower and wondered what it had to do with reefing. =p Very nice!
  13. That is amazing! First time I've seen an SPS that PINK! All of your animals are just so colorful and vibrant!
  14. can't tell from the photo... send me a couple polyps and I'll id it for you! =p
  15. Looks like a hammer to me... agree on the beautiful part. =)