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  1. FTS Feb 2012 - Next month is 6 years running!

    very purple! what's your secret?
  2. March 2012 Reef Profile - razarmi

    Congrats! I love the way your tank looks! Everything looks healthy and happy! I'm also a LPS and soft coral guy. SPS just doesn't look good to me as I prefer more movement as well. I read everything you wrote and learned a few things. Again, great set-up! Phil.
  3. that is pretty gnarly! if i saw that in my tank, it'd be down the toilet sweepers and all! yuck!!
  4. Hammer

    looks like frogspawn to me.
  5. 316683

    Nice looking avatar
  6. AC 70 Impeller broke

    mine didn't break... but i did a water change one night and forgot to turn the AC70 back on! My heater was also in the AC70... no, the heater didn't melt the AC70 lol. actually, I didn't notice that the AC79 was off till noon the next day. all the corals were fully opened and perfectly fine with just a small power head that i did leave on. the water was a bit chilly at 74 but it was like nothing had happened. guess if corals can survive shipping, one night w/out circulation shouldn't be a big problem.
  7. Zoa Snail

    lol. that is sweet!
  8. Frogspawn or Hammer?

    Yeah, it's a hammer.
  9. tank crash

    what salt mix are you guys using? I'm having the worse hair algae break out after switching over to Tropic Marine Pro Reef recently. I thought maybe i was overfeeding and stuff was trapped in the sand... I took everything out, thoroughly cleaned the sand (this worked when I had bryosis long time ago). but even after removing my one tiny wrasse and totally stopped feeding the tank, the hair algae continued to grow. Googled Tropic Marine Pro Reef and others have had the same experience with high phosphates and hair algae growth. blah. Never imagined the salt would be the culprit... though it maybe different in you guys' case. Anyway, my 2 cents. Going to switch to the salt I originally used with no issues - Oceanic, and see what happens.
  10. 3 gallon picotope The Rebirth

    nice! you've got me strongly considering going bare bottom now...
  11. The Acan Club :P

    amazing colors! wow... what do you guys feed your acans? my lfs sold me some Reef Caviar this afternoon from H2O Life.. going to give them a shot. will post pics when they get bigger and look 1/10 as nice as NCS and Rehype's! =p
  12. Chato not growing

    two most likely reasons are that lighting may not be strong enough or there isn't enough nutrient(waste) in your system to feed them. doh, alto typed faster than me. =p
  13. How many 3w LED

    for a 5g tank, personally, I'd go with 12. 8 blues and 4 white.
  14. plating coraline algae?

    that does look very cool!
  15. polyp extension under BoostLed Par bulbs

    not positive but think they are called red planet.