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  1. 40 Breeder LED Light!

    Need to know more! Im setting up a 40 right now. Watts on the unit? How many diodes?
  2. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    I spoke with Ecotech earlier this morning and they are sending out a new wetside for me. I cant speak high enough about the customer service Ectotech has, it really is top notch. So also wanted to thank AquaticDiscounts and everyone else for chiming in and putting thought together for this issue. seems the impeller detaching is a fairly common issue with the pumps. I did try and put a dab of superglue on the impeller to magnet where you said AquaticDiscounts and Feel i may not have let it dry enough, I will retry this when i get back home. Thanks again for your considerations.
  3. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    What part of the wet side did they recommend you to superglue?. I would like to stress again I love ecotech and their customer service and I am sure they will make it right as they always do. The last couple posts seem to have dealt with what I am dealing with now. The impeller is not attached to magnet and will come off and on when i disassemble the wet side. I see on the website there is a pdf manual for proper maintenance and this shows the impeller to be attached to the magnet. http://ecotechmarine.com/wp-content/upload...mp10_manual.pdf When I look at mine the impeller is not a part of the black ring that protects the magnet. I do not see where it would have attached or how this would .
  4. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    Ahh sounds to be very similar to what im experiencing. I have contacted them and will do so during regular hours tomorrow. They really do have the best customer service. i will hope to get one sent out to me asap like they did before if the issue is the same as yours.
  5. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    That is exactly what I typed yes. The first one a nice fellow at ecotech was amazing and asked for my address and that he would overnight one and that he will even pay for return shipping for the faulty product. I purchased the original pump at the beginning of June and within two weeks the pump failed. I agreed to pay for any of the parts that were damaged to any fault of my own - there were none hence no further charges. The pump sent to me has a completely separate issue now some three weeks later. so thanks for the post any ideas related to the issue?
  6. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    Totally agree. my backups were two koralia 425's however, I just got back from vacation a week ago and the gal that was house sitting for us somehow busted those. I hear the motor and feel vibrations on them but they dont work now either, when it rains, it pours. I have disassembled the wetside and found nothing out of the ordinary. thank god ecotech has superb customer service.
  7. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    Yes I have the spacer included and the mesh that goes over the wetside.
  8. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    Devil, you are right they work amazing when they work. Nothing on my end has changed this morning everything was hunky dory and when i came home 4 hours later the grinding. it almost sounds like the magnet in the wetside assembly is not mounted anymore. If I did nothing can i still do something wrong? Eric, I took the wetside off the tank to inspect it and there are no signs of anything out of the ordinary. no chunks off the blades to see if anything got lodged, no visible changes from the day i purchased it. I find this odd as well while i have read hundreds of posts about mp10s and 40s I have had a different experience. I am still hopeful as they are truly amazing pumps. Anyone ever experience the grinding or have a magnet unmount if you will?
  9. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    Inside a 10 gallon tank set on 50% reefcrest mode inhabitants are sps a tailspot blenny and a ocellaris. It was working like a charm until today. I have nothing else to replace the lost flow until ANOTHER replacement is sent...
  10. Mp10 3 weeks old NOT working

    This is my second MP10 in 5 weeks and this time I come home and notice a loud grinding sound. Upon closer inspection the impeller is just slightly moving perhaps 1 rpm ever 5 seconds. There are no other indications of any type on the controller or the unit itself. there is no visible damage and I am hoping someone has had a similar experience and its a quick fix. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  11. Changing sand mid race

    A good suggestion. The only issue I have is there is not much room to add any sand really. with the sand bed already at over an inch deep in a 10 gallon tank. Also by the time I am putting this new layer over, I will effectivly be stirring up the old sand bed to relieve it. perhaps remove it all slowly then add new sand slowly?
  12. Changing sand mid race

    I have a 10 gallon been up and running since march last year. I have crushed coral in the tank now and I am trying to get thoughts on how to change the crushed coral to some finer sand around .2 - .5 mm without causing any spikes. in the past I have always just vacuumed out the sand however this is an inch and a quarter deep crushed coral. Thanks in advance for sharing ideas!
  13. Where to buy LED par38

    Having owned multiple bulbs from each of the vendors listed above I recommend LEDTric.com above all others. Craftsmanship, amazing customer service, and a true "twenty k" feel to the units ive purchased. I have two twenty k over my 10 gallon standard and they are amazing. You cant beat his price for a par38 let alone get the right look. I can't say enough about Mike C at LEDtric. He is Jonny on the spot with orders and his product is amazing. I will be purchasing two full spectrum lamps from him next month as well.
  14. Just because it's April SALE! 30% OFF!

    Mine arrives tomorrow! I cant wait! Got a twenty k and what a great deal. Thanks again!
  15. Sunset Monti and Zenia

    I have had the xenia almost three months now. They are poor shippers I agree but this type of behavior is weird. The reef has been up and running for twelve months and there has been no signs of any threats. the sunset monti is just not doing well either.