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  1. Bought some Dwarf cerith snails from MrReefer81 and received them packaged extremely well. Had an easy transaction with this seller. Highly recommend. Honest, generous, great communication, and ver reasonable! Looking forward to more transactions. Thanks a bunch!!!!
  2. FS: 20 Dwarf Cerith Snails, $12 shipped

    Hey everyone! Just received my pkg and am very pleased ! So far I have counted approximately 32 up and moving. Thank you again...prompt shipment and highly recommended!!!
  3. FS! strombus maculatus(nano conch) snails!

    Hi please add me to your list
  4. Hello, what is still available?
  5. Lots of Green algae!

    I have been manually removing it and just got a protein skimmer as well, but its still coming back. Where can I get the filter media you mention? I tried to upload a pic but am unable to.
  6. Lots of Green algae!

    How do I get rid of it? It is covering everything? Please help! Thanks
  7. Please help with green slime algae

    I'm trying to attach a pic
  8. Hello everyone, been gone for a while...I have a 20 gallon with clown, yg, Midas, ans a small yellow fish. I have a green slime type algae that is spreading everywhere. Not sure what to do. The tank is 2yrs ok OLd and parameters seem to be in check. Please advise. I can try and post pics later
  9. Ricordea FS

    Hi, do you have gold or yellow left?
  10. Ricordea FS

  11. Ricordea FS

    Hi what colors do you still have available? Im interested in blue and orange/gold. How much priority 2 day to 79902? Thanks
  12. OMG! I Dropped my lights in tank!

    How long can the tank run without lights?