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  1. Them guys on the tv show Tanked seem to use bio balls a lot on the very expensive clients fowler tanks.... Not sure about corals/reef set ups what they use.
  2. Learned that in a sump, one doesn't have to buy expensive live rock or ceramic rings , instead try man made clay balls used in aquaculture called hydroton. It is very light, lots of surface area for bacterial to grow including anaerobic ones inside. Pods like it too.
  3. I have a 5 gallon bucket that have not changed water in about 1 year...and has a ball of chaeto only and a few used floss filters I threw in a year ago for food... I give it a cheap cfl lite at night, warm basement near our furnace and top evaporated water off when I remember.... 3years now and apisia is just fine,,,,, some bristle worms in the mix too. No aeration.