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  1. Them guys on the tv show Tanked seem to use bio balls a lot on the very expensive clients fowler tanks.... Not sure about corals/reef set ups what they use.
  2. Learned that in a sump, one doesn't have to buy expensive live rock or ceramic rings , instead try man made clay balls used in aquaculture called hydroton. It is very light, lots of surface area for bacterial to grow including anaerobic ones inside. Pods like it too.
  3. Aiptasias

    I have a 5 gallon bucket that have not changed water in about 1 year...and has a ball of chaeto only and a few used floss filters I threw in a year ago for food... I give it a cheap cfl lite at night, warm basement near our furnace and top evaporated water off when I remember.... 3years now and apisia is just fine,,,,, some bristle worms in the mix too. No aeration.
  4. At a restaurant I sometimes dine at, they had a small salt water tank, ( think it was a fluval Spec, 5gal one as the rims/edges had a distinct aluminum channel) definitely less than 10 gallons with 2 little percula clowns in it.. minimal light except that fluval light and filtration that comes with the tank. No live rock, just a few dead barnacles for the sea scape. I think the fish lasted probably 1 yr... over that span, the fish did live but some sort of algae grew; last time I saw it, the tank was dark, no life in it and just some algae growing over the barnacles. I never did ask the place what happened to the fish. The people their definitely weren't your aquaria type of people.
  5. Vertex Stands

    Older destroyers used aluminum for their hulls so marine grade t6032 aluminum should work...seethis store which used bosch stuff http://www.canreef.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=97843
  6. I can't decide between LED or T5

    I luv shimmer which t5s dont offer... I think t5 like leds are not far off like phillips so called tleds....we just have wait a couple of years
  7. NanoTopia's ADA 30c [ FLIR ]

    Hi Nanotopia, Nice to see a local win a TOTM...! Regarding your build, you should have a look a local jewelry store for some possble inspiration to your new nano tank build. They have a website rodanjewellers.ca out in brentwood burnaby..if you are our there, have a look... they also have a youtube of their premise which will catch a glimpse of their point of purchase displays; I even like some of their custom single lighted LEDs on the corners for some of their slightly larger rectangular glass displays - neat idea to kill off the harsh shawdows or overhanging montis... maybe do a anti- apogee effect. The display case they have which is more like your ADA cube idea is raised on a steel post... if you do your build with the overflow drilled in the middle, the drain and even return can be built here... just pile some rock around it to cover it as much as possible. I know of a guy who did this on a 55g and the tank is viewable 360 degress. The bottom , while be your sump.. overall, the visible tank will be quite high but very unique in my opinion... you will have to do some weigh calculations of course to see how much metal is needed to do this kind of floating post build. regs msjboy
  8. Mushroom Boy's BC29 - Steve's LED Install Page 2

    Nice looking setup with the StevesLeds. Just one question, the LEDs you have in the photo are one strip each whereas I go to the StevesLed website, the various kits, including the BC ones has single emitter chips ( ie 1 disc with one light each )....can you explain the difference or is the website not updated? Thanks Msjboy
  9. SHOW ME YOUR SUMPs Related Info.

    Not my sump but check out this link to a neat but complicated sump design: http://www.pny.se/aquarium/diy_sump.php image: http://www.pny.se/aquarium/pny_3759b650eng.jpg msjboy
  10. Neutral White Luxeon Rebel ES

    good choice on Philips Rebel as your choice..... seems even the company Giesemann , who we all know makes fine fluroscent tubes is finally jumping on the band wagon and making their own LED lights and guess what they decided to use..... yulp, Philips LEDS. reefbuilders.com/2012/05/15/futura-led-giesemann/ msjboy
  11. Super Tall sump/refugium design?

    so maybe something like a strong upright filing cabinet ( some of those hinges can support a lot of weight..one drawer pulled out at a time ) with individual tanks & flexible hoses might work as opposed some one volume , tall tank? Hummm , might be interesting. I noticed ELOS is bringing some new tall model called PowerSkimmer200 aka the PS200 ... but I want more water volume. thanx msjboy
  12. I like the Eheim Aquastyle Aquarium Stand (eg 9 Gallon)...eg. http://www.jlaquatics.com/images/eheim/aquastyle_stand.jpg I was wondering if something like a narrow but tall plexiglass sump/ refugium can be custom builtunderneath it to give almost 3X the display tank volume... it will be very tall but maybe the tank or tanks can be in different segments from top one being the filter socks water area, volume area 2 is the refugium, the last is the return volume. To prevent the tank from getting knocked over, probably need a larger bottom kick/base with some dead weight or lotsa live rock. Just curious what a super tall sump/refugium design would look like. Any links to such a concept? Thanx msjboy
  13. GR's 12g Long Macro Reef

    The big yellow Eucheuma? - did that grow from the small piece you showed on page 2? Where did you buy it? I can't seem to find it on La Reef and the GCE sites. Super nice nano! Keep up the nice work. msjboy
  14. Vietnam pics

    Yes but what about corals and fish...see any.? Heard they have nice clams from over there. Msjboy
  15. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    Ecoxotica just brought out a 18 inch canopy with 3 panaroma pros .... Probably fits your bc nicely...check it out Msjboy