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  1. Thanks smiz. Took pains to avoid the "rock pile" syndrome. Last go around with the BC29 circa 2013.
  2. Comments, feedback welcome. trying to avoid the rockpile syndrome.
  3. This is about 25lbs of dry rock. What do you think of the scape? Opinions welcome! Thanks.
  4. Did this, ordered from TAP plastics, Thanks for blazing the path!
  5. After 6+ years BC29 the splash lens has discolored/cloudy. I see there are replacements for the CoralLife versions of this tank but I need the Oceanic replacement. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks!
  6. Hmmm, wondering if there is a aftermarket source for a Oceanic BC29 splash lens. Mine needs replacement as well, it is getting cloudy after 6+ years. Anyone?