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  1. BC29 Scape - Comments Wanted

    Thanks smiz. Took pains to avoid the "rock pile" syndrome. Last go around with the BC29 circa 2013.
  2. Comments, feedback welcome. trying to avoid the rockpile syndrome.
  3. BC29 Scape

    This is about 25lbs of dry rock. What do you think of the scape? Opinions welcome! Thanks.
  4. Oceanic BD29: Replacement Splash lens

    Did this, ordered from TAP plastics, Thanks for blazing the path!
  5. After 6+ years BC29 the splash lens has discolored/cloudy. I see there are replacements for the CoralLife versions of this tank but I need the Oceanic replacement. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks!
  6. WTB Oceanic BC 29 Light Cover/Lens

    Hmmm, wondering if there is a aftermarket source for a Oceanic BC29 splash lens. Mine needs replacement as well, it is getting cloudy after 6+ years. Anyone?
  7. YWG, sixline Life Expectancy?

    Thats great to hear!
  8. YWG has been my favorite fish now for awhile, he and my sixline are the tank characters. The YMG and sixline have the occasional turf squabble, actually, I don't the sixline really cares he just likes to "jaw" with the YWG. It occurs to me that I have had both of these fish for a little over 3 years, What is the life expectancy of these fish? Thanks!
  9. My First Marine Tank - 20l

    Take your time and research, good luck!
  10. Interested in Nano-Reefs!

    Hi, and welcome. You recieved some great advice here. My $.02 would be 1) research and 2) patience. Oh yeah, this will cost AT LEAST twice as much as you think it will. Good luck and happy reefing.
  11. I like twin peaks, nice rock. Another option would be to break it up a bit.
  12. Thought these guys would never pair up. A few weeks ago I noticed the pistol actually coming out if's den and hanging out close to the goby, now there are 2 "dens" they use and the goby tends to "hover" over the pistol when he comes out, the goby really tends to "watch out" for the postol. very cool. Wonder why it took them over a year to pair off.
  13. Yeah, the MP10 is a luxury. The LED upgrade is essential. You should be okay with 2 Koralias you'll just have to tweak the placement till you get it right. You may try chemiclean, it really works. I had an outbreak (of cyano) it totally cleared the cyano and didn't hurt any corals, cyano did not return. You will need to get to the cause of the cyano however.
  14. I was running 2 Koralia 425's in my bc29 before pulling to trigger on the MP-10. depends on type of corals, volume of rock etc...generally the more flow the better. 2 425's worked nicely until the MP-10 (highly recommend) second favorite upgrade, behind the rapid LED upgrade.
  15. Sounds like you received some very sage advice from pschom. I have had a bc29 for 2 years now, everything he mentioned, I believe to be true. You stated that you were on a limited budget, the recommendations he made were born of experience, (If you continue with this hobby you may find that experience can be attained thru pricey lessons. Or not. Consider for a moment, stepping back and re-evaluating your decision making process. A little humility now can pay major dividends in the future. Best to you.