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  1. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    I am trying man! I'll out everything for 250?
  2. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    I still have a tank, light's, and filter that need to go! Everything is packed and ready to ship!
  3. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    Thanks man, I have an Eheim Ecco pro 2232 that needs to go! 30?
  4. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    Bump, will ship!
  5. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

  6. Out of Hobby Sale ADA 60-F

    Bump, fixed link as well,
  7. So between school and work I don't have the time to maintain a tank, so everything must go... Here is my craigslist add, http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/for/3529410706.html I am trying to keep the sale to the Bay Area but I am ridding my tank (with everything in it), the lights, filter, and whatever extras I have for 300$ I might haggle but leave me a message if you're interested. Thanks NR
  8. CarrillXXP's ADA 60-F

    I want a Maxi but NO ONE has one, I like buying from locals to help sport other reefers but even LFS's never carry them. This guy is giving me the smaller version, if it splits because supposedly they do and quite often, hit me up.
  9. CarrillXXP's ADA 60-F

    Tonight! Haha I am not home right now, I'll snag a few shots of things when I'm home. I also don't get my mini mini until Friday .
  10. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    As in iBall is here now everything has got to be censored.
  11. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    Fack we're doomed.
  12. Gearhead's College Frag

    Hi5 man, looking good as well.
  13. 29 gallons of awesome

    Still looks awesome and overgrown! Time to frag?
  14. got2envy's 15g Zoa and Paly Reef

    I really like the color of everything,
  15. CarrillXXP's ADA 60-F

    Time for a real update with pics to follow tomorrow, I have been working and I have class everyday so it makes for long weeks and short weekends. I have added a birdsnest (sps) and some wild green/orange zoas as well as Blue Tubbs. I'll also be getting a Mini-Mini Nem later this week as a trade for Blue O. Although my lights are fairly new it's about that time for me to upgrade my lighting and sell my current bulbs and fixture, I want better LED's or T5's. Hypes tank has been inspiring me for way too long. My Cardinals won't make babies but are fat and happy, go figure. I also decided to choose neither a Schwinn or Bianchi, I am going for a SPECIALIZED Langster Pro. That's it...for you few followers you're cool.