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  1. Wow
  2. Ooooooooo - that's real purdy
  3. Snazzy
  4. That is outstanding. Where did you get one that colorful?
  5. It is indeed 2x18w Keith
  6. The 15 gallon is 2x18, the 18 gallon is 2x36. Unless you see the two tanks side by side for scale, they will look the same in a photo as they have very similar proportions. There is a clear advantage to the 18 gallon as there is lots more light (twice), and it is only 1-2 inches deeper. I know the watts per gallon thing is largely bogus, but we are talking 2.4 w/gal on the 15 and 4 w/gal on the 18. I'm ordering an 18 gallon, my biggest issue is do I like the black or silver. Keith
  7. It'll be more than $50 for the whole deal - maybe that's just for a hood. Keith
  8. Thanks - precisley what I wanted to know. Do you happen to hae pics of your tank? I was thinking of one hole in the center with an overflow and two on the upper corners for return from the sump. Keith
  9. I have seen the site - but not the larger tanks - the site is difficult to get around, and the contact info is practically non-existant Keith
  10. Sounds like it can be done. ###### - I have never seen any of their tanks over 21 gallons - do you have pics of the 37 or the 29? thanks Keith
  11. I was thinking of drilling the back of the tank. This would be the 18 gallon version. thanks, Keith
  12. Does anyone know if these tanks are tempered? Can they be drilled? thanks, Keith
  13. Are you making the refugerium or are you buying one. In either event - show us what you are planning - you are off to a great start!! Keith
  14. Very very nice! Please post the particulars. Keith
  15. I am sorry Ditchplains, you are now required to dismantle the whole deal and put it back together, this time with a film crew at hand . . . . KB