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  2. I am not certain you can make that connection. Just because they only move for a certain period of time (and this may have more to do with migration in the water column of free living zoanthellae than anything else) doesn't mean that they also cease all other activities. The question we would want to know is what happens to photosynthetic activity and is this linked to motility. It may well be that they are only motile for that period of time because once it is over - they are in a well lit area and need not be motile any longer in order to photosynthesize. They may then go on to photosynthesize for hours longer. It is an interesting paper - but it is important not to infer too much from what is presented.
  3. toxicmeltdown

  4. What is this?! (now with picture)

    Just so's it's not a tang.
  5. 2nd times the charm; Pic's Mini-s

    Everything looks great. How is the noise (or not) from that overflow?
  6. Mini Maxi Spec

    I am looking for an alternative lighting strategy. Something to make the warmer colors pop. I am waiting to see what these 3 exotic LED stars might have to offer when they come out.
  7. Mini Maxi Spec

    A little of both. I am happy for them to pic their own spot. Keith
  8. Mini Maxi Spec

    Yep - iPhone pics. Better shots later.
  9. MrCoral.com Order - TERRIBLE Experience

    I don't know what would b so difficult for him to pack them up together. I have combined ebay and website orders with other companies before. It should never be a big deal. The reality is that he is going to respond to the pressures upon him. People keep ordering from him as is, so he continued to do business as he always has. There are multiple negative postings about him and his frags (I have ordered from him in the distant past, the experience was ok, I got what I paid for) but more recently there seems to be these "I know his reputation is poor, but I am going to order anyway" kind of transactions and I have to wonder why? Keith
  10. Anyone raise their own brine shrimp?

    I have used the pop bottles and all but separating the shells from the naupulii is challenging. For something like a nano, or just a little batch of shrimp larvae, consider getting a couple of these: http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/c9/Hatchery-Dish-p183.html It makes separating the BBS from the cysts very easy. Looks hokey - but it works. I believe you can find them for cheaper on ebay and what not. I bought mine at the link, nice folks, excellent brine shrimp eggs and other goodies for rearing small aquatic critters.
  11. Exotic Wavelength LEDs in stock now!

    Help, Help, I being repressed! Srsly - that sounds like it would be cool.
  12. Exotic Wavelength LEDs in stock now!

    One of each LED on a 3 up star??
  13. I am thinking of putting together a Mini-Maxi/sexy shrimp dedicated tank. I some of the anemones in a BC14 with a 70 watt MH over it and they defiantly do not want to be right under the light, always orienting to the mid range. Would the 3 rows of LEDs over the Ecoexotic pico reef satisfy them? Keith