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  1. moving sale all must go

    bump with updated prices
  2. syncra sicce 3.5 (660gph)-$70 shipped SOLD current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED 36-48inch light (needs a new hanging kit $25 online or new feet that come with the light $??) i had it hung above the tank and i lost the feet that come with the light if you dont want to hang it.-$110 shipped Tunze nano ATO-$55 shipped sold i have two BRS mini GFO/Carbon/Pellet reactors $20 each shipped or $35 for both shipped (i have carbon/pellets for free if you buy reactors and need it)- sold Skimz sn123 skimmer-$115 shipped
  3. 3 Foot Long Nano - Video Update

    I have the mini brs reactors and you can plumb them from right to left. There is a mounting bracket on top of reactor, unscrew it and flip the bracket around. super easy to do, surprised the website doesn't say anything about it. this is what mine looks like
  4. WTB SMALL amount of pukani dry rock

    Pukani is the best rock to use imo
  5. What to Do? yellow watchman Goby

    Thought I lost mine in biocube and found him 3 months later alive in back chamber
  6. My new 20 Long

    It's mainly the clump of rocks on the right that doesnt look good, left clump looks fine.
  7. Biocube 29 Build

    Without pictures, this build doesn't exist ?
  8. How do you switch to rodi and a new salt mix?

    Take the cyano out and drip acclimate it to the new water
  9. How do you switch to rodi and a new salt mix?

    You switch buy using your money and buying it
  10. My new 20 Long

    I'm not a fan of scape but if you like it, that's what matters
  11. Zoa Frag Pack Wysiwyg


    here's what i got going on...dont have the skimmer anymore, just wasnt feeling like i needed it.

    Yes, more surface area for bacteria and pods to grow.