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  1. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Just thought I would post an update post of the tank. It's been going great diatoms are still around but I think the worst has passed, snails did an amazing job!!!
  2. nsousa

    Film on Water surface

    What kind of tank is it?? Does it have a surface skimmer on it? Do you have a power head you can point up to create some agitation?
  3. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Just added my 1st corals!! Heres what i got so far 1) 2 small occelaris clowns 2) 1cerith snail 3) 3 small nassarius 4) 1 margarita black snail 5) 1 astera snail 6)small cleaner shrimp 7) 1 gsp frag 😎 1 candy cane frag 9) 1 hammer coral frag Water parameter all check in nitrates steady at 5ppm Ph 8.2 Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Water is the clearest its been since starting this adventure Still dealing with diatoms but it seems to be getting better! Wanted some trochus snails but no luck at near by fish stores.
  4. nsousa

    Work of art or losing my sanity

    Picasso! Aquascape looks great.
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  7. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Just thought i'd post a pick of acrylic holder i made for wave controller and thermometer.
  8. nsousa

    Help with tank cycle not starting

    I would suggest leaving them they will go away eventually. You got a good clean up crew??
  9. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣😂😂 My nassarius snail already tried to escape the tank.
  10. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Just picked up a small clean up crew consisting Of 3 small nassarius snails, 1 blue leg hermit crab, 1 astrea snail and 1 cerith snail. Thats all i want for now. Also my water has really cleared up in the last 2-3 days.
  11. nsousa

    New Fluval evo 13.5

    Here is a link to my tank if you wanna see closer
  12. nsousa

    New Fluval evo 13.5

    Hey Chatnel, Here is what im doing currently. Chamber 1, Floss, purigen, and 2 small bags of of Aqua forest carbon pellets zip tied to the shelf on the media rack. Chamber 2, 2 small bags filled with Seachem bio filtration media also zip tied to the media rack top shelf And the another piece of floss just before the return pump. In the picture i only had 1 bag of bio filtration but since have added another 1. Ill post pic for you to see when i get home. And the 3rd chamber im running Sicce 0.5, cobalt 50w neo, ato mini, and the magnet the holds the wave maker.
  13. nsousa

    New Fluval evo 13.5

    Hey Congrats! I also have a evo 13.5 just finished my cycle a few days actually. Here are some of my tips for you. 1)intank media basket in both chambers 2)ditch the skimmer. The money your going to waste on it save it for something more useful(weekly water changes will replenish all trace elements and keep thing thriving) 3) eheim compact 1000 i read will heat soak your tank because watts are to high ( i use the sicce 0.5 perfect fit in the back chamber and plenty of flow for a tank of our size. Only uses 8 watts of power so no heat issue there) 4) I have the jebao sw2 and its an amazing wave pump. Its about 80 bucks and cant be beat. (Smaller profile than the hydor which in a tank of our size, size does matter. Plus you can make some neat little wave action) 5) I personally run the AI prime HD in my tank and love the lights feature and ease of use. Might seem a little intemidating but very easy to use the app.( LFS has a Kessil and it also looks sweet) im sure you will be happy either way. 6) Ato for me has to be the aquasmart mini. The thing is so small and so far its been great! 7)RO/DI unit is to me the best invest ment you can make. Nothing like knowing where your water source came from. I hope some of this helps. These are things I personally use in mine and so far no complaints. Also i cant remember where i read it if it was on this forum or another regarding the use of Purigen with chemi pur Blu. Apparently they shouldnt be used together. I would stick to purigen with chemi pur elite (i run aquaforest carbon instead) All the best with your new adventure!!
  14. nsousa

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Never thought id say i was excited about diatoms but there here!! Sorry pics arent great when lights are on.
  15. nsousa

    Help with tank cycle not starting

    That looks like diatoms to me. It will go away. But you should add a cuc regardless. Just space apart the time between adding livestock to your tank.