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  1. nsousa

    Help! Air conditioner out in Arizona!

    Fan blowing on the surface help
  2. nsousa

    Best pump for Fluval 13.5

    I love it. Super quiet 50 more gallons of flow per hour. For a small tank of this size i believe 1.0 is to much
  3. nsousa

    Filter Floss Recommendation?

    I use intanks which is amazing if I run out I usually use seapora brand.
  4. nsousa

    What's this?

  5. nsousa

    What's this?

    Hey guys just noticed this on my rock I think I've seen something like this before but it was a orange color I believe thanks for any input.
  6. nsousa

    Best pump for Fluval 13.5

    If your concerned about the heat from your eheim that pushes 15w of power so does the mightyjet aio pump. You will still have those heat issue. Best to confirm if it will fit but the mightyjet is 3.7" long. I'm not sure but I don't think it will fit. Either way of you get it and it fit give us a review. If your worried about heat I dont think this the pump for you.
  7. nsousa

    Best pump for Fluval 13.5

    I use the sicce syncra0.5 I also have the 1.0 and swapped it for 0.5
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    You mean why type of coral I'm assuming?? It was purchase as a pink tip hammer.
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    No sorry I'd didnt save any notes. Send me your email and I'll send you my light schedule and settings.
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    AI prime with my own custom setting. I ended up getting a par meter to dial it in. I was super surprised how much I had to tone it down. Ever since using the par meter everything has grown pretty drastically
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