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  1. Then I will take two heads of your frogspawn. PM me where you would like to meet, so I can pick them up. Thanks JR
  2. Hey trmiv, I would be interested in getting two heads of your frogspawn if you still have any available. I work in Santa Clara.
  3. I received my 70W 10K Ushio Bulb yesterday. I tried it out in one of my fixture and it works great. I would highly recommend dealing with OxInYourBox I am very satisfied. Once again thank you OxInYourBox
  4. Adding powerhead to JBJ nano

    Hey bigwakes , Do you have any picture of your set up. I was thinking of doing the sme thing, but have not figured out how to do it.
  5. Aromat M7012-27CK-5EU-F 70w MH ballast

    hey KrackerG, I'll buy one, if you still have any I been looking all over and have not found any.