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  1. FS: Kessil A80

    SOLD. Thank you all!
  2. FS: Kessil A80

    Back in town. A80 is still available!
  3. FS: Kessil A80

    PM sent
  4. FS: Kessil A80

    A80 with gooseneck still available. $110 shipped!
  5. FS: Kessil A80

  6. FS: Kessil A80

    MP10 Sold. Kessil A80 with gooseneck is still available! $120 OBO shipped!
  7. FS: Kessil A80

    Both still available. I would REALLY like to sell these as a pair! Shoot me an offer!
  8. FS: Kessil A80

    PM sent
  9. FS: Kessil A80

    Thought I'd add: manufacture date of the MP10 is 04/2015.
  10. FS: Kessil A80

    I'm moving and can't take my tank with me! Selling a gently used MP10. It is the QuietDrive model. Comes with the original packaging, as well as everything else it originally came with. It used to be the wireless model, but the wireless module was removed so it will only respond to the controller it comes with. If you choose to purchase the wireless module from Ecotech, you'll have a full-fledged wireless MP10! Looking to get $200. Includes shipping SOLD Also selling my Kessil A80. Comes with original packaging as well as everything else it came with originally. Also includes the gooseneck! Looking to get $120. Includes shipping Pictures upon request! PayPal only. Will only ship via USPS. Feel free to shoot me an offer! Located in middle TN.
  11. Kamohara Blenny?

    Ended up bringing him to a trusted LFS, I don't have a tank large enough to the bioload a fish that size requires. In the end I saved the poor guy from petco, but supported their program in the process. Who won? Not really sure but good luck with the lil guy - keep us all posted because I'm sure we aren't the only ones wondering!
  12. WTB - Xenia

    South of Nashville, 37064
  13. WTB - Xenia

    I know y'all have lots of this in your tank. GIVE IT TO ME! Just need a little 2" frag. I really like the pulsing kind, so that's preferred. PM me with prices and pictures! Located in TN
  14. Kamohara Blenny?

    Yep Liveaquaria has a couple for sale, as well as a handful of other little sites. But it seems like NO one has had any type of experience with them. No threads, nothing (besides breeders).
  15. Kamohara Blenny?

    I saw one of these guys at Petco of all places. Had some business in the area and decided to just check the place out. At first I thought it was an engineer goby, but after reading the label and further inspection it definitely wasn't. Intrigued, I googled the name and found very little information besides a rather cryptic ORA description and a Reef Builders article praising the fish is finally back in the US. And, yes, I did buy him simply for the sake of getting him out of a petco tank. QUESTION - has anyone had any personal experience with this fish? Are they as rare and uncommon as my searches lead me to believe? Any information would be nice. All I know so far is that he JUMPS like no fish I've ever had before.