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  1. Biocube hqi light problem

    I don't think it broke off at an angle and epoxy? I'm thinking with the heat it will just break off again.
  2. Biocube hqi light problem

    uploaded picture
  3. Biocube hqi light problem

    My computer is down right now so I can't upload any pics. This is my iPad I'm surprised this happened and right the light is basically hanging off its wires
  4. Biocube hqi light problem

    My actual light has fallen off from it's clips and I'm not sure how to put it back. Just to be clear im not talking about the screws/knobs behide the light which allows you to adjust, I'm talking about the actual clips that attach the light to his stand. Has that happened to anyone before? edit picture
  5. custom tank or red sea max?

    custom tanks with a sump are louder then the AIO tanks no? thats the only reason why i wouldnt want a sump setup because the noise. remember this is in my bedroom. the space i have is about 38x20x55. also as much as i love rimless tanks the light will most likely bother my eyes when im watching tv. i have a small towel over my HQI to keep some of that light from hitting my eyes here a picture of the space im working with back when i first upgraded to the 29g HQI and here you can see the light is directly in my eyes
  6. custom tank or red sea max?

    Im thinking about upgrading from a biocube 29 hqi to a red sea max 250 or getting one some what custom. what do you guys think about the RSM 250 compared to making one? the tank is in my bedroom so noisy is my top concern. any advice would be helpful! especially from those who have a RSM 250
  7. custom tank or red sea max?

    Im thinking about upgrading from a biocube 29 hqi to a red sea max 250 or getting one some what custom. what do you guys think about the RSM 250 compared to making one? the tank is in my bedroom so noisy is my top concern. any advice would be helpful! especially from those who have a RSM 250
  8. duncan doesnt look to good

    i suspect over feeding with the help of cheato this is the first time ive gotten water from the LFS and its been off. i now know i need to be on check is this healthy? my newly acquired brain coral seems to be hosting a clown fish btw the duncan is starting to open up again slowly with new heads. the gsp is also starting to open again i also bought a bottle of essential elements/trace materials because i thought it would be something good to throw in the tank even-though it might not be needed. water looks great! but i tested it last night and the nitrites were half way down the color chart so tmrw morning when the LFS opens im going to get more water and do another water change
  9. duncan doesnt look to good

    Tested everything yesterday and everything is fine. The yellow tang was eaten forsure because last time I sawhim he wasn't looking to good. I'm just surprised that I can't even find his bones. Reason for his death I believe he might have eaten some cheato algea that got into my tank from the back before I could remove it. As for fish the flame angel looks good and seems to keep to his own making laps around the tank picking at the rocks. The blue tang looks happy and I either see him in his cave that he loves being in or swinging around. The chrome I don't want but it's much of a mission to take him out. The clown fish are the ones that seem most aggressive attacking me whenever my hand is in the water lol I keep up with my weekly water changes always. Last week was no different I figured they were high because it was due and that could have been the reason for my Duncan acting funn. Salinity was high because that how the water came from my LFS which was corrected the next day by removing and adding 2 gallons of freshwater. My GSP and Duncan are the first problems ive had in 3 months. everything else seems looks fine. my duncan looks to be going 2 more heads because I had 3 heads and now I see 5.
  10. duncan doesnt look to good

    got you guys. i do my weekly waters changes and get my water from the LFS or sometimes from the ocean when im out on the boat but i havent done that in awhile. i also take my water to the LFS whenever i can. i dose it calcium because my LFS told me to and every time i go they tell me its a little low so i just dose it. same goes for MAG i was told to dose it every 4 days and a drop of iodine once a week. ya when i feed i let it thaw but i haven't bought a turkey blaster yet so i just stir it around when ever it floats to the top and add little by little. give me a break im a noob ! lol
  11. duncan doesnt look to good

    not to sure how high it got. when i went to the store to get it checked they told me to add 2 gallons of fresh water so that what i did. tomorrow if i have time im going to take the water to the store again to get it checked. mike idk how my Ca, Mag, and KH are. i did however add my Ca and Mag booster to the tank like i usually do. tomorrow if i have time i will go to this other store thats a little far and they will check everything about my water. as for food i also have freeze dried brine shrimp that i throw in everyone in awhile to mix up my food source. i hate it tho it always floats and i have to watch it so that it doesnt get sucked into the back of my tank and so that it stays down for everyone to feed.
  12. duncan doesnt look to good

    alright i guess its just that time of the month for them and as for food ive recently switched to feeding everyone marinesnow from two little fishies. is that enough? can corals eat fish? i had a yellow tang that has completely disappeared at around the same time my duncan started acting funny heres a video of my tank and thats the most open ive seen it in a few days
  13. duncan doesnt look to good

    any advice on what i should do? is he going to make it? my nitrites im sure were high on monday so i did a 5gallon water change and today i tested it and noticed i had to much salt so i removed 2 gallons of salt water and replaced it with fresh water. also i forget the name of this, but i havent seen it open up in awhile so i changed its location and now im started to see a little green coming out of the purple. will it open up again or is it done for?
  14. my NEW biocube 14g

    that big clam on the side isnt fully closed now. should i change the water again or add something?
  15. my NEW biocube 14g

    hey guys i haven't seen my yellow tang in awhile and cant find him any where. is their something in my tank that could have eaten him? i dont see bones or anything anywhere also i purchased 2 cleaner clams the other but i have never seen them since then. could they just be hiding? my duncan isnt looking to hot either. yesterday i know my nitrite were high because the water wasnt looking to good so i did a water change. my last water change was last monday if not mistaken and i only did a quick 5 gallon water change im uploading a new video as we speak