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  1. orarosemille

  2. greenredmonti

  3. spsreefgood

    I have a 70watt DE ushio 10k and a 18watt power compact actinic.
  4. bluezoos52905

    At the LFS i work at, I bought them as a frag of 4, now there are 30+
  5. bigtanksump

    Yep they work pretty good diffusing micro bubbles.
  6. spsreefgood

  7. redcap52905

  8. orangeplate

  9. bluezoos52905

  10. bigtanksump

  11. bigtank

  12. Let's see the reefs w/ 70w MH!!!

    70watt Ushio DE 10k and 18watt PC actinic.
  13. diy metal halide 150w se pendant

    Check out the new iwasaki/icecap 150 watt spot and flood halides. There basically an HQI mounted in a flood or spot light reflector. One of these 150watt spots put out about as much par as a 250 de. They are medium base also, and dont have to buy a reflector for them (built in the bulb).
  14. speed_freak03's Cube Tank

    I liked it too, but it wasted alot of space(that corals could be put in ) in a small tank.
  15. BelowH2O's 10 gallon AGA

    Very nice tank! I like how everything is all close together with barely any bare spots. Good Job on the tank.