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  1. can you put up a list of what's left for sale. Thanks
  2. lokking to buy a hang on refugium soon. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Jayme
  3. What kind of skimmer are you looking for?
  4. Aqualine Bushke also makes a double ended HQI 70 watt bulb. Here is the link to their website. I would suggest contacting one of their dealers. http://www.aqua-medic.com/products/lightin...line20000.shtml
  5. what kind of refugium is it? Thanks, Jayme
  6. I was wondering if you have just the 70 watt ballasts for sale? Not fitted up with a power cord or grounded. Thanks, Jaymes
  7. I was just wondering where you got the golden dwarf moray. I've been looking for a true one for a long time. Thanks, Jaymes
  8. sent a pm and haven't heard back. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks, Jayme
  9. sent a pm but your box is full. Ill resend later. Thanks, Jayme
  10. That's great just let me know.
  11. I'm selling two 175 watt 10k metal halide bulbs that came with my CSL Prism Pendant. One bulb has been used for 4 months the other is brand new. Only fired once for testing. Make an offer on both. I decided to go with 14k and not use actinic supplementation.
  12. sent an e-mail
  13. i'm interested in the two anemones. IF you'll ship out to Buffalo area. Let me know. Thanks
  14. It is a power compact hood. It has four bulbs that are 55 watts each. Two actinic and two 10,000 k Here is the hamilton tech link. http://www.hamiltontechnology.com/shop/ind...4761fb485aadba6