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  1. Looking for innovative marines nuvo 16 gallon tank in black with lights. Local to 14701 if possible but willing to pay shipping. PM me with any available. Also looking for an AI vega color with a 2nd gen controller
  2. looking to buy a new or lightly used kessil with a gooseneck. Looking for either the 15 or 20k version.
  3. WTB LED Lighting

    Looking for the following. Radion Gen 1 or Kessil a150 either the 15k or the 20 k or AI Vega Color or Aquatic Life pro led color fixture also open to other fixtures. PM me with what you have. Prefer the fixture to be black. James
  4. Kessil a150w

    What size tank are these over? James
  5. WTB Small Green or Blue Carpet Nem

    I have a medium size bright green with lighter green stripes haddoni That I'd part with....James
  6. WTB Reefkeeper Lite

    What do you have to trade for it?
  7. I'm looking for preferably one seller that has all of the above for sale but willing to buy seperately if they are nice enough. Looking for bright green and purple LTAs, Rainbow BTAs and any color carpets both regular and maxi minis. Thanks for looking Jamie
  8. I have an ai sol super blue for sale. It comes with a controller, a tank rail mounting kit Asking 300 plus shipping or best offer.
  9. feedback on ebay under jbell78. I'll ship with shipping confirmation the day after payment is recieved and send the tracking # but ultimately your choice you need to feel comfortable with. I wish you luck with your setup even if you don't grab them.
  10. Thanks for the advice I'll go as low as 475.00 plus shipping. I have lots of other equipment that I'm going to be selling just ask if you are looking for something. I have some current 50/50 power brite strips. Sapphire skimmer for BC29. bc8 gallon 75.00 picked up or 95 shipped. Thanks for looking. I also have a BC 14 which has been retrofitted with dimmable leds asking 350.00 plus shipping for that. AI sol blue with controller and 12 inch rail tank mount for 350. Thanks for looking!